Sunday, August 17, 2008

Third cutting

The farmer came by on Friday and cut our alfalfa. It's all lying on the ground now, waiting to dry, waiting to be baled. If it's baled too wet and green, it'll get moldy in storage.

I called the farmer and asked if I could have one of the bales for our goats. Sure, no problem, just tell us where you'd like us to put it. If our new barn was finished, I'd know exactly where to put it. But, for now it will have to rest against our old granary.

Here's Benjimouse ankle-deep in fresh-cut alfalfa, trying to get a yellow flower to stick in his hair. He picked a flower and gave it to me, which I put in my hairband. Then he tried to put a flower in his hair; alas, no hairband to hold it in. After a few attempts, he gave up and followed me on our walk across the field.

When I showed up for work last night, our parks worker smiled at me and pointed at my head. Yep, still had the flower up there. I put it on the bulletin board in my office, as a reminder of a warm summer's walk through the alfalfa.

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