Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding someplace warm

Hubby and I were working outside a few weeks ago. I was working inside the barn, putting feed and equipment away and moving tools and lumber aside. Hubby was carrying in twenty bales of alfalfa to store indoors for the winter. Next he'll have to haul our 100 bales of grass hay inside the barn. I think he's forgotten about that, and I hate to remind him. Our list of fall chores is still pretty long, even though it's already mid-October.

Anyway, during our barn work we disturbed a few critters that had already begun to settle in for the winter. I found these guys huddled under a scrap of metal siding:

And I found about a dozen of these guys hiding under plywood and nestled in alfalfa bales.

Tis the season for all good things to find a warm, cozy spot to spend the winter. Right now it is cold, wet and windy outside. Our warm weather days have come to an end. Part of me rejoices for the change in season, part of me still dreads the coming cold, snow, sicknesses and shortened days.

I think what I need is a hot cup of cocoa, a warm quilt and a good Louis L'Amour book. Which in reality, means I'll need to make enough hot cocoa for four cups (me and 3 little boys), find a quilt big enough to fit over four bodies snuggling together on the couch, and read "The Monster at the End of this Book" at least three times while listening to little voices cackle after every page. Not exactly the same, but it works.

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