Monday, December 15, 2008


Yesterday we had a blizzard. It looked like a blizzard and felt like a blizzard and sounded like a blizzard. The wind was howling and snow was blowing and it was very, very cold. But this morning when I looked out the window and saw only six inches of snow on the ground, I felt kinda let down. I want to be able to show something for our suffering. Sorta like when you hit your head against a cupboard door, and it hurts like the devil and you expect to have pints of blood gushing out of your scalp. But then you look in the mirror and all you see is a small red spot. If it's going to hurt, I want it to look like it hurts.

Someday before I die I want to experience a world class blizzard. A blizzard that is refered to by year -- 'the blizzard of 08.' A blizzard where I have to tie a rope between me and the house so I don't get lost walking out to the barn. A blizzard where we have to open up and crawl out of the upstairs windows to get outside on top of the snow.

Today, it just looks peaceful and glittery. My husband is happy there wasn't more snow. Our snow blower wouldn't start so he had to shovel out the driveway this morning. The temp was -9. It took him nearly two hours.

I guess I shouldn't complain -- I was snug inside a warm house, with the scent of newly baked bread and the taste of homemade rice pudding to keep me cozy. My neighbor Marj makes a wickedly good rice pudding, and I used her recipe. It's cooked on the stove, unlike the rice pudding my mother makes, which is baked in the oven. Both are very yummy.

Tonight we are forecasted for a low temp of 30 below. That's just the regular temperature, not including wind chill. Adding wind chill makes it closer to 45 below. Gotta love Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

I think the Halloween Blizzard of 91 was pretty epic. But, I might be abit biased there as I had to walk to work and back in it for the 2-3 days it lasted.(and take the younger brother out trick or treating in it was well) 29 INCHES OF SNOW!

I have no google account so I'll sign here-


Jo said...

You're right, Nate. 91 was epic. Hubby (pre-nuptuals) and Lon were stuck at my parents' house for three days...

I'm sure Calypso appreciated your Halloween efforts. I hope he shared some of his candy with his big bro.

Anonymous said...

That was the year when we were going to build a garage at the house in Hopkins. On the 30th I had a guy out to level the are and prepare it for a slab.
The next morning there was three feet of snow. I think that was the date I finally decided to move to LA. It took a few years to convince Al, but she finally agreed.


Karen said...

Phill and Robin were having a Halloween party that weekend and had invited John and I to it (!). Needless to say, it was cancelled and they were left with a huge can of nuts and some orange napkins!!

Jo said...

Karen - It was an omen!

Jim - Living in Hawaii now, I'm sure you miss the snow and cold terribly. Simon finally got the snowblower started yesterday and cleared the end of the driveway just as a tire slipped off its rim. He had a few choice words to say while we were pushing it back into the garage.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you hope for!!

Anonymous said...

Come tell us what you want to do before you die:

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Hope to see your photos in our PO box!!