Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey -- I just thought of something.

I just realized it's been a year since I started this blog thing. Boy, what a difference a year can make, aye? Last year at this time I was pretty miserable (not reflected in most of my posts), having just gone through a bad time with family sicknesses, stress and winter blahs. I started the blog in part to find a release for some of all that, a kind of creative therapy.

This winter hasn't been nearly so miserable. Maybe the therapy worked. Or maybe reading everyone's comments, a way of keeping in touch with friends and family members hundreds of miles away, has helped. Whatever the case, I feel better and life is generally pretty darn good these days. Especially considering what lots of other people are having to go through, with job losses, loved ones overseas, flooding, etc. We have a home, we have an income, we have good health, and we have each other.

So I am grateful, thankful, and joyful. I close my eyes and breathe deep, smiling to the heavens above. Spring is almost here, and life is good.


Brenda (VanDerWerff) Hessian said...

Hi Joanne. After feeling sorry for myself your words are bringing me up. You are so good at writing and words and putting it all together. I thought you should know that. All the best.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Congrats on the anniversary Jo. I find that having the blog helps me feel connected to others and also it acts as a reminder of how far I have come. I hope yours helps you feel inspired and connected for years to come.

Jo said...

Brenda - Thanks for your kind words. I still have very fond memories of my visits to your family's cabin in Moose Lake (over twenty years ago now!). Your Dad's chili was the best after a fun (but cold!) day of snowmobiling. And who could forget our redneck fashion show? I still have those pictures. How much will you give me to not post those?? Haha!!

Rick - You have been blogging A LOT longer than me, so congrats to you! It is an easy way to keep a journal. It also makes me keep the whining/ranting to a minimum, knowing that others will be reading it. Makes me focus on the good/constructive things in life. Thanks again!

Karen said...

Okay. So, my backdoor neighbors (the family that is currently being watched for drug dealing activities) are cutting down all of the beautiful ash trees bordering their lot and ours. Now we get to look down into their backyard/deck. Lovely. It's time to move. I'm finding it hard not to cry every time they saw down a branch.

Jo said...

I'm so sorry, Karen. That's a bummer.

Are there any really fast growing trees that you plant along your back fence?

But yes, it is time to move! West! You can sell your home in the Cities and buy a house in rural western MN for 1/4 the cost, and live off the rest of the proceeds for several years. You can do it!