Sunday, August 23, 2009

No room in the freezer

Here is some of the corn post-shucking, pre-blanching.

And here it is, finished and in our freezer. Over fifty bags of corn, each lovingly prepared by my wonderful hubby. Each quart bag holds 1 -1/2 pounds. One bag is enough for one dinner and some lunch left-overs, so we are set on the corn-front for a long time.

I estimate the cost of all of this would be about $175 at the store. Food-miles-wise, this corn came about three miles from field to home freezer. It's been estimated(*) that the frozen corn you buy at the grocery store has travelled 1,426 miles from the field to store freezer. Food-miles are a way to figure out some of the hidden costs of modern, industrial food.

Of course, right under the bottom shelf of corn you can see a package of Johnsonville breakfast sausage. We aren't perfect in this ideal for local, sustainably-grown food. But we're improving.

By the way, goats LOVE corn husks.

Now, of course, we have no room in the freezer. Hmm. Maybe this is not the best time to tell my hubby about the hog I ordered for butcher at the end of September.



miSz tUna said...

Ohh, I love corn, love it love it soooo much! It's such a thrill to see that you have so much in your freezer :)

Erin said...

The corn looks wonderful! Kudos to your husband! There is never enough freezer room, is there?!

Jo said...

Thanks Hazwani -- I too am thrilled to have a freezer stuffed with corn! Although, it will be awhile before my husband agrees to eat any of it after all his work ... corn overload!

Hi Erin! My husband appreciated the kudos! Thank you! And no, there is never enough room. Time to get a new freezer! Haha!