Thursday, December 10, 2009

No longer naked

The tree is trimmed. And so far (knock on wood) no ornaments have broken. The needles are very prickly, enough so to discourage tiny fingers and tiny paws from grabbing at the pretty danglies.

Number Two Son has had a stomach bug for the last day and a half, but we think he is over the worst of it. This evening he was mostly back to his old self, arguing with his younger brother over legos.

It is very cold here. Our house was built in 1912, with little insulation and lots of drafts. If there's no wind, it stays fairly warm, but if the wind is howling (like it is right now) we can definitely feel the cold spots. The thermostat is kept at 62, but in the cold spots (brown chair by the window, downstairs bath, boys' bedroom) it can get downright chilly.

I've been traveling a lot recently. Trip to St. Paul, trip to New Ulm, trip to Spicer. Next week I go back to St. Paul to pick the goats up from the breeder. Fingers crossed for better birth results next spring than we had this spring. Fingers crossed for a couple (or trio or quad) of bouncing fuzzy kids in April.

Our quarter beef arrived this week and is now safely stored away in a basement freezer, alongside the pork we got in September. This quarter was smaller than others we've had. It ended up being about half the amount of meat as the hog we got. Oh well. Must've been a small cow. How now, small cow?

It's late, and I'm a bit loopy. Sorry for the rambling. Time to hit the hay.


Mama Pea said...

There's nuthin' wrong with a "rambling" post like this. I think it's warm and cozy and makes us all feel like (blogland) family.

Pretty, pretty tree. (Glad it's no longer naked!)

Seems to be a lot more flu going around with the kids this year than usual. Granted, it's not THE BAD ONE but lots of tummies seem to be rumbling and tumbling.

Isn't it just the best feeling to know you have a freezer full of good meat in the basement? That along with all of our veggies chucked away from this summer's garden, and we're all good to go for these next frozen months.

Maple Lawn Farm said...

Beautiful tree!

I hope your son is feeling better soon!


Erin said...

The tree looks so pretty! I am down to roasts and a few lbs of hamburger so you just reminded me that I need to get my act together and put our deposit down on our next beef share. Hmmm, why is it that as soon as there is $$, there is the realization that something needs to be bought?!! It's okay though, the meat we get from our local farm is soooo worth it!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Tree looks great Jo! I hear you on the old house /cold house situation.

Sorry to hear about the tummy bug the little one has. This time of year Norwalk and similar viruses tend to go around. Hope you can contain it to just the one and that he heals quickly and fully.

Karen said...

Yeah, Bethany was puking the night before last too. She stayed home from school yesterday feeling fine. Woke up this morning saying that she wanted to stay home again...not happening, kid! No temp and no puking, so off she went! She was so mad at me! She refused to stand at the bus stop and as soon as she got to school, she went to see the nurse complaining about her stomach hurting! She's always nasty in the morning, and with her nap yesterday, she didn't go to sleep until after ll:00 last night. The nurse took her temp and as it was 97 degrees, sent her off to class! She's probably still pissed! Watch she'll puke in class and I'll feel uber guilty!

Jo said...

Hey sis! Hahahaha! I can see poor Bethany stewing all the way to school, thinking of ways to get out of class. On Friday (last Friday) Owen felt fine before school but then threw up in class just after they took attendance. Little or now warning to this yucky bug. Hope nobody else minds us talking about our sick kids and their bodily functions!