Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 years

Remember this picture from a previous post? It is of maintstreet Clinton, MN, in 2010.

Here's a photo of mainstreet Clinton, MN, taken in 1910.

The arrows on the right side of the road are pointing to the same building in both pictures. Also for the arrows on the left side of the road. The two-story brick building on the extreme right of the older photo is also still standing, although it is not shown in the 2010 photo. I can't tell if the building that our current grocery store resides in (the far left building in the 2010 photo) is original or not. I'm thinking not.

So, I think that only three buildings from 1910 are still standing in 2010. Seems a shame to me, to lose all those lovely old buildings. The thing is, buildings take money. Roofs, mortar, paint, plumbing, etc. And money is something not a lot of people in our neck of the woods have had a lot of during the last 100 years.

The population in 1910 was 384. In 2000 it was 453. In 2009 it was estimated at 401. I wonder what this year's census will tell us.


Erin said...

great find on the photos! We are lucky in my hometown of Red Wing that most of the old buildings are still there, but it's probably due to the intense tourism and historical preservation that went on there.

Maple Lawn Farm said...

I love old towns and photos of old towns! Thank you for sharing! That's interesting that the population really has not changed a whole lot in the last 100 years!


LindaSue said...

I am currently living here in SE Alabama in a little town called Daleville. Not too far from Dothan.

Just went back and read your posting's that I have missed. Been offline for over a month due to a little flooding.

Thanks to you I just ordered 48 dollars worth of seeds. Tomatoes and peppers to start. Going to be using buckets this time.

We are in the process of buying an acre of land down the road. So next summer I will be planting more things. Hopefully this fall I will be putting in to start 4 square foot gardening boxes. Doesn't sound like much but it will be a start. Since I am 62 and an ex nurse now disabled I am a little limited as too how much work I can do. Hopefully will get hubby totally involved also.

You are an inspiration to me so keep posting.

Love it when you talk about your storage cellar and canning. I love to cook and have done some limited canning over the years. Like tomatoes, pickles, sauces, and jellies. So have a lot to learn.

Thanks for all the things you talk about.

Thistledog said...

That's really something else, to compare views of the same street taken 100 years apart. I love old buildings, too.

I especially liked the horse-drawn conveyances and the way they parked their buggies and wagons diagonally in the old photo. That method of transportation seemed to work pretty well - a shame we let that way of moving ourselves and our stuff become too slow, too difficult, too bothersome to use anymore.

Jo said...

Hi Erin! Yeah, Red Wing is beautiful. Ortonville actually still has more old buildings than Clinton does, so there are some pockets of preservation out here.

Hey Tammy -- Yeah, I like old pics too. I've got a mess of them on my computer and someday I will post more of them.

Hello LindaSue -- Thanks for your nice comments. Good luck on your gardening, and with your land purchase. It's definitely a good idea to start small, rather than bite off more than you can chew!

Hi Thistledog! Yeah, it is interesting to compare the two photos. The buggies are parked pretty much the same direction as the cars today!

Karen said...

I love these comparison pictures! I can't tell...are those horse-drawn wagons in the old pictures??? Maybe that's a stupid question, but I can't tell from the back wheels!!!

Jo said...

Hey big sis! Yes, those are horse drawn wagons. Makes your realize just how many horses there used to be around everywhere.