Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring tidings

The baby goats are doing well. At first Eve was very protective of her little black buckling and wouldn't let the other kids get near him. But she has loosened up a bit now and the little kids are able to romp and play together. The two bucklings have started to play the head-butt game, where they push against each other head-to-head. The have no horns yet, but it is fun to see their instincts kicking in this early.

They also like to play 'king of the cinder block'. There is a cinder block in their field and they take turns jumping on top of it and pushing each other off. It is funny to watch. I really need to get the goats more things to jump around on. They love climbing on stuff.

I replanted my spinach and chard in the garden a few days ago, seeing no evidence of sprouts from my previous attempt. But the snap peas I planted are starting to poke through the soil. Hurray! Perhaps I will get an extra week or two of peas before they begin to falter late in June.

I am putting my onion seedlings out on the deck now, even though they are not nearly big enough to plant. I have snipped them off several times and they are starting to grow their third 'leaves.' Their growth is slower than I anticipated and I wonder if they will grow large enough to make all this work worthwhile. Especially when a container of starter sets is less than $2 at the nursery.

My peppers have sprouted and been repotted. I am growing long red cayenne, Czech black, alma paprika and Italian pepperoncini. The alma paprika and pepperoncini have sprouted with near 100% germ rates. The cayenne and Czech black are closer to 10%. So I may end up buying some cayenne seedlings at the nursery as well. I will have to check to see which seed company I bought these faulty seeds from. I suspect it is Fedco.

My tomato seeds have sprouted as well. I am growing San Marzano, Valencia, golden peach and an unnamed lovely red/yellow fleshy variety I got in my CSA box last year. I also started some basil, spearmint, lemongrass, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli seeds in the basement a few days ago. The basil and broccoli are already beginning to show themselves above the soil.

I really wish I had a green house to put all of these seedlings in. I may have to design a greenhouse-like contraption out of scraps we have laying around the farm. We have some old windows and plenty of extra 2x4s from our barn building. Add a bit of heavy clear plastic and we could be in business.

The Easter Bunny visited our house this weekend. We don't worry about the actual date we celebrate holidays, as long as the whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) can all be together.

He hid eggs all over the yard, in with the chickens, in with the goats.

The bunny also left a few gifts. Here my youngest has found a Toy Story DVD. He was most pleased.

We also flew kites. It was perfect kite weather. As you can see the alfalfa is greening up. Today we hit 73 degrees. It's hard to believe it is still April. But I will take the warmth, as long as we get a bit of rain to go along with it.


Erin said...

I love it when baby goats and lambs head-butt! I know what you mean about the plant starts - I started so many this year, but some of them I wonder if they are worth the time and effort, like the scrawny chives and leeks in my flats now... I could buy a flat of them for less than the electricity it takes to light them I bet! I will never compromise on my tomatoes and peppers, though, it is so satisfying to grow those from seed!

Maple Lawn Farm said...

Always enjoy reading your updates!