Thursday, May 20, 2010

To do

I spent the last few days catching up on some garden work. First and foremost on the 'to-do' list was plant my brassicas. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage.

Once they were planted, we watered them with the hose. I am toying with the idea of fixing up the gutters around our house (they are in a terrible state) and installing a rain collection system. A couple of large barrels by the house, a long hose out to the garden, and we'd have a great irrigation set-up. The house is slightly uphill of the garden, so gravity would work in our favor.

After they were watered, I covered them up with a row cover. We're forecast for above-average temps next week, and I don't want them to suffer this early.

Next on the to-do list was put up the supports for the peas. Just south of the peas you can see a few of my now-identified spinach plants.

Then I thinned the lettuce patch and transplanted some of the thinnings. I didn't quite finish the job, as you can see. But there's time yet.

Graham and I snacked on lettuce thinnings while we worked in the garden. We saved some for supper, just enough for one bowl of salad. We also managed to find some time for hunting wild asparagus. Some of the stalks had grown quite high, almost three feet. Doesn't matter, we'll still eat them.

This picture looks askew, but that's because Pepper cat chose to have her kittens up against the side of the wall in the garage/granary. Three kittens -- two calico and one orange. Pepper growls at us whenever we walk by.

Another thing we accomplished was installing two grain feeders for the goats in the barn. Hubby had to do a bit of rough carpentry work to put them up, and the goats were not amused by the sawing and hammering. The kids in particular took offense at the loud noise, and hid themselves in their newest best hiding spot. The hay feeder.

So, we managed to scratch a few things off our list. Too bad there's a gazillion things remaining on it.


Erin said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! Love kids in rubber boots and those little goat feet! You have been very busy, but looks like you are getting alot accomplished!

Mama Pea said...

You sure do grow cute kids! Your helper son is adorable. I think the kittens are probably cute, too, but had a hard time untangling bodies in the picture! The kid goats . . . omigosh! What a picture! "We can't see you so you can't see us!"

It's always amazing that we eventually get our gardens in each spring. What a gargantuan chore! But worth every ache and pain. And bug bite. And sweat soaked set of underwear. ;o)

Maple Lawn Farm said...

I agree.............adorable children! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than a happy child.

Leigh said...

Your helper is sooo cute!!!

About my comfrey, I ordered 25 crowns from a small family business. The were very generous and sent 5 extras. I understand that common comfrey spreads almost too well. I have the Russian variety, which is less prone to spreading. I believe though, that the roots can be divided, so that may be your best bet.

I appreciate your comment about my grass problem too. It's comforting to know that mine isn't a common problem!

What I can tell you about the snath & scythe, is to not get the American style. In order to cut properly, the blade angle has to be parallel to the ground. That can't be done with an American snath unless one is very short. Dan is 5'9" and since the handles aren't adjustable, he can't get the blade at the proper angle. We just ordered a European model from Mystic Prairie, though there are other sellers for these out there. The European style is sized according to one's height, has a straighter snath, and adjustable handles. Mystic Prairie has quite a few good video demonstrations on YouTube. I'll have to report on how well he likes this one, but he's definitely convinced that the American snath isn't all that great to work with. HTH!

Bob said...

We may have a home for the orange tabby. Brenda has always wanted one - if it's a male. Any chance we could talk you guys into handling that one as much as you can to get it comfy with people?

Jo said...

Hi Erin! Yes, Benjimouse was certainly tipping the cute scales that day. Until he decided he wanted to water Mom instead of the plants. :)

Hi Mama Pea -- My hubby asked me if we were raising goats or ostriches. Haha!

Hello Tammy -- Thanks! Yes, it's hard to be angry or sad when your little ones are smiling and giggling. As long as they are not giggling because they just put mud down their brother's pants ... ;)

Hey Leigh -- Thanks for the comfrey info. Maybe I'll try splitting my plants early next spring. And thanks for the scythe info. We've got a lot of alfalfa, and a scythe would certainly come in handy.

Hi Bob! That's great news. We will try our darndest to spend time with the kitties. It may be difficult because Pepper likes to move her litters around a lot. When they get old enough (4 or 5 weeks) we can try to steal him away. Let us know what Brenda decides. Have fun moving all your stuff to your new home!

Amanda J said...

Cute pics, love the ones with the adorable little boy and the goat pic in the feeder, ADORABLE!!

Thistledog said...

I'm still setting out seedlings, too - also got my potatoes planted just yesterday, got them in the mail from the Wood Prairie folks up in Maine.

To-do lists are a blessing and a curse in my book. I like the sense of satisfaction I get from crossing things off, but it can be demoralizing to see how much there is left to be done...

Big "yes" vote from me on the rainbarrel idea... we've got three set up here and they work great.

Love them ostriches in the hay feeder!

Karen said...

Hey Cutie!

LOVE the pictures of the kitties and goats (Benji-Mouse is pretty darned cute too!)! I love how the goats thought they were hidden cuz they couldn't see you! Typical reaction for children too, huh?! Is Bob actually considering an eleventh kittie?!!! Wow! I agree though that orange tabbies are fabulous! Matthew has been the best cat ever for all of us! Very affectionate and goofy (which was his original name when we adopted him from the shelter!). When are you guys coming into town next month?


Jo said...

Hi Amanda -- Thanks! Your kids are beautiful too!

Hello Thistledog -- Do you have any recommendations for rain barrels? Any place for a good design?

Hey Karen! We're not sure when we're coming into town...I'll let you know when we decide something. Love ya.