Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another garden tour

The Brussells sprouts are looking very nice.  Guess I was holding the camera a bit askew for this picture.  Looking at it makes my eyes want to turn sideways.

Potatoes and tomatoes and potatoes and tomatoes.

Zucchini in front, cantaloupe in back.  The single black beauty zucchini in the very front is growing a whole lot faster than the other yellow zucc's.

Time to harvest the first broccoli!

The cabbage is starting to resemble itself.  The cabbage worms have shown up so I have started using the bt spray.  It worked very well last year, we'll see if it continues to do its job this season.

A long stretch of wax beans.

Very tall dill, sunflowers, and bolting lettuce.

Carrots and rutabagas.  This may be the first year I actually have a respectable carrot harvest.

Run, little scarlet runner, run!  If you look closely at the top you can see the first long tendril branching off to the right along the orange-colored twine.  I must get my hubby to build a trellis archway for next year's garden, and get my hands on some more seeds.  The kids would love a little tunnel to go through in the garden.  Maybe a bean vine tipi too?  I've never grown pole beans before, just the bush variety.  Do all pole beans grow as tall and as enthusiastically as these scarlet runners do?  Neat-O!


Erin said...

I have an archway too! I put those "yard long" beans there, but I only planted them a week ago, so I hope they take off. Your brussels sprouts and broccoli leaves look amazing! Where are all the bugs? My leaves always look like they have been hit with birdshot by the time I get broccoli! Way to go!

Mr. H. said...

Your garden looks to be very productive...that is a lot of beans. I love the idea of a bean archway. Our runner beans always grow much taller than our pole beans do.

Mama Pea said...

Wow, big, huge, mongongous garden! Do you have any trouble with worms in your broccoli? That's a big problem for me no matter what we try. I have a tee-pee trellis in the garden and I've grown scarlet runner beans on it now and then. People are always blown away by the gorgeous display of red flowers and think it's a . . . well, a FLOWER I've planted!

Fun, fun, fun being taken on your tour. Look forward to the next one.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Your garden looks amazing! As for the beans, I gave up bush beans and only plant pole beans because they are heavy producers. Ours are just on chain link and it works great!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey Jo, Looking good. I built a little archway in the garden this year and planted some pole beans under it so I will let you know how well it goes.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow Jo, your garden looks great! It has been so cool and wet here (a thin down vest to watch fireworks) that we are just getting some garden planted!

Thanks for the tour - I needed to see vegetables growing :)

Thistledog said...

Oh, I loved the tour! Thank you so much for sharing you garden with us.

I agree with Mr. H, that is a lot of beans. Which is a great thing, if you like beans (i do).

I grew both pole and bush beans this year. Pole beans are incredibly productive, no doubt. And I swear they would just keep growing up to the sky if they had a pole tall enough. An archway would be ideal...

Jo said...

Hey Erin! I do have bugs, and I do have leaves with holes in them. They just didn't show up in the picture -- trust me, they're there! I've been using Bt spray, and that seems to help. I think my cabbages are hurting the most, it's ok if broccoli or sprouts get some holey leaves but with cabbage, it affects the entire head.

Hello Mr. H -- Yes, we do enjoy our beans! Last year I tried making spicy dilled beans and they were a big hit, so I'm planning for a lot of those plus regular canned, plus lots of fresh eating. Thanks for the info on the runner beans!

Hey Mama Pea! Our garden is 45'x x 45', so I think it is actually smaller than yours! So far no worms in the broccoli, but like I said we use the Bt spray. Maybe that helps.

Hello Apple Pie Gal! Thanks for your kind words. I've toyed with switching to pole beans, but erecting a trellis is just one more thing to add to the 'spring to-do' list, and it's too long already! Some day, probably, when little boys are old enough to help!

Hey Rick -- Thanks! Yes, please take pictures of your archway, I am always inspired by your garden experiments.

Hi Throwback -- Thanks for the compliment, coming from you it means a lot! Sorry to hear about your wet cool weather. I'll share some of my veges with you if you share some of your lovely fresh cows milk!

Howdy Thistledog! Good idea to plant both bush and pole beans, so you can compare the harvests from each. So, what happens when a pole bean outclimbs its fence? Does it stop growing or does it flop over? Hmm....