Monday, September 13, 2010

Wisdom questioned

A dehydrator full of:



and onions.

My husband questioned the wisdom of this.  He questioned it half-way through the drying process, of course.  He thinks putting them all in the dehydrator together means that everything is going to taste like onions in the end.

Is he right?  I really hope he's not right.  I hate it when he's right.


Erin said...

haha, I believe he may be right on this one, Jo! Oh I hate admitting that, since men are NEVER right!

Maple Lawn Farm said...

I've been afraid to try it myself but would love a report when you find out!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

mmm, the peppers may overpower the onion.

Jo said...

I haven't tried the results yet... too afraid! Maybe I should just put it all in a jar and add the label: Instant Salsa -- just add water. Ha!