Sunday, October 3, 2010


This weekend I paid a visit to The Red Barn.  This lovely barn is located on a farm just a few miles down the road from my place.  My neighbors built it to replace an older barn that blew apart in a tornado.  It's a really cool building -- there are stairways leading up to the second and third floors, plus up to the cupola at the top where you can peer through the glass windows and see for miles in every direction.

The Red Barn was a host site for the Meander, a local art crawl that takes place the first weekend in October.  Lots of cool art and lots of nice folks to visit.

I bought a beautiful bowl from my friend Mark Mustful, and a watercolor print from my friend Neva Foster.

I chatted with my good friend (seems I have a lot of artist friends, doesn't it) JoAn Melchild.  She also is a watercolor painter, but has begun using acrylics as well.  She was one of the first friends I made after we moved out here twelve years ago, when we were roomies at a Blandin Foundation retreat.  She told me once, 'I just look like a nice little old lady, but really I'm not.'  She's a hoot and a half.  We traded gifts with eachother -- I gave her that bouquet of cosmos, and she gave me a book and a package of grits.  Artists make very nice friends.

I wish I could have meandered a bit longer, or a bit farther, but there was work to be done on the farmstead.  We managed to shear the final two goats; pick the last of the peppers, tomatoes and zucchinis; harvest most of my herbs; and start the laborious task of digging potatoes.  Our hay man delivered 33 bales of grass/alfalfa for the goats' winter feed this afternoon and we tucked it away with last year's remainder in the barn.

Fall is here, the skies are clear and sunny, and we are busy busy busy.


Mama Pea said...

What a lovely weekend outing! (I could live in that barn . . . easily!)

Thistledog said...

Zounds, yes, Fall IS busy! Wonderful to share your artist friends and the Red Barn visit, thank you.

As for the hay... "we tucked it away" sounds like a romp, but I daresay there was quite a bit of heavy lifting involved, and cool weather or no, that's work.

Your tomatos are just starting to jump into my harvest trug; in a couple of weeks I'll be busy busy busy, too.

Jo said...

Hey Mama Pea -- I'd love to live on their place, too. Their house is gorgeous. Makes my house look like a ramshackle shack!

Hello Thistledog! Thankfully the heavy lifting is hubby's job. Sometimes I help, but it is mostly him. Glad to hear the tomatoes are arriving -- post a pic or two of your harvest, I'd love to see them.