Friday, January 28, 2011

A bit of springtime

Now it's the sage's turn to shine!


Carolyn said...

Is that Lyre Sage? We have a lot of that in the spring & I wasn't sure exactly what it is. Beautiful pic regardless of what it is.

Erin said...

very pretty! I wish we could just have even 2 days of mild temps here so I could go work in the yard and get my fix of garden stuff!

Mama Pea said...

Is that sage plant inside? Or was it taken a while back outside? Like before Old Man Winter came to visit?

Jo said...

Hey Carolyn -- The tag says 'Garden Sage' and I bought the baby plant at a nursery last spring. Yes, the blooms are very pretty!

Howdy Erin -- Thanks. I'll take your non-mild temps over our mild temps. Although today it got up to 34 degrees, I think this is all we're going to get for a January thaw this winter.

Hi Mama Pea -- Yes, it is inside next to a west-facing window. I had the pot on my deck during the summer, but brought it in for the winter. Back before Old Man Winter came to visit, like in September!