Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chokecherry jelly

This batch turned out remarkably well.  Sweet, but with plenty of chokecherry flavor.  I picked the berries last summer and froze them, figuring that I would have more time during the winter for jam-making.  I did that with a lot of fruit, actually.  I've still got several gallons of gooseberries, blueberries, strawberries and mulberries to turn into something tasty.  And I'm running out of time -- we're getting another quarter beef in a few weeks and freezer space is at a premium.


Mama Pea said...

You have no idea how good that looks to me right now. Hubby and I are on the fourth week of our altered eating plan trying to shed some extra pounds and the thought of toast and homemade jelly/jam is nearly enough to make me weep. Please have a slice for me?? Thanks. ;o)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Glad I am not the only one who put up some frozen fruits and hasn't gotten to them yet! I guess I better get on it too :)

Karen said...

Don't forget to bring a couple little lucious jars of your yummy jam to the shower!!! We've been enjoying our jam immensely (the stuff you gave us!)!! I'll lighten your freezer load, don't worry!

Deb said...

Ohhhh Man! I've been wanting to find some chokecherries around here but haven't had any luck! Everybody tore them out years ago from what we can find out. My Grandma used to pick them along the bank of the lake they had a cabin on in Minnesota when I was growing up and make Jelly out of them. It was THE BEST jelly, and I'd so love to make some in her memory.

*sigh* I can't even find a tree in the seed catalogs to buy, lately. I thought I'd seen one a few years ago, but guess they aren't selling them anymore, or I'm looking in the wrong spot. Not that I have the money to get one right now, but I'd sure love one or two. Course I'm sure I'd be waiting a good long time for them to produce so I could make jelly. LOL

Thanks for the instant memory activator...just seeing your jelly made me think of the fun times with my grandparents and Uncle in Minnesota. :)

Fiddler's Green said...

Ditto on the chokecherry memories. My grandpa used to make jelly and wine out of them in northern Minnesota. Maybe someday I'll plant a few bushes too.

Jo said...

Hey Mama Pea! I'd never make it on a low carb/sugar diet. At least I don't think so, never tried. I have no willpower!

Hello Apple Pie Gal -- Yes, I still have GALLONS of fruit left. Thinking about making a pound cake and strawberry sauce to go with it. (See my note to Mama Pea above -- no willpower for me!)

Howdy Karen -- Yes, I know, I forgot. Apparently not only do I have no willpower, I also have no memory. Sorry!

Hey Deb and Fiddler's Green -- This is where I've gotten chokecherry trees for my work:
Good luck!