Sunday, July 24, 2011


The baseball season is over.  Owen's team won their Pee Wee tournament on Friday.  They were elated.

So, no more Monday and Wednesday night practices.

The boys' summer pottery class is over.  Their ceramic masterpieces are now adorning our dining room shelves.  So, no more Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.

The state shutdown is over, and I am back to work.  This is what a Three Sisters Garden looks like after three weeks of complete neglect.

Sports and Rec over, shutdown over, holidays over.  It's almost August.  The summer is all downhill from here.


Harold Phillips said...

So glad you can go back to work, Jo - and congrats to the little guy for winning that tournament. To THEM, it his was probably a wonderful summer! ;)

Mama Pea said...

Hope the ending of baseball and classes for the boys makes your summer a little easier. I know the lack of salary during the shut down must have been devastating to your finances (to say the least!), but were you able to enjoy having the extra time at home?

Your Three Sisters planting (minus the corn) looks just like my field garden this year. We never did manage to get a cover crop on it so the weeds have been having a party out there.

Kathy D said...

Glad that the state shutdown is finished for the next two years. As a fellow gardener I APPLAUD you posting your 3 sisters pic. Gives all of us who can't keep up with the weeds a sense of solidarity and pardon from our ways. I'd get off of FB/blogs and weed my garden, except for the 1.25 inches of rain 2 nights ago. It is still a mucky swamp. Excuses excuses!! ;-)

Jo said...

Yeah, going back to work was bittersweet. Loved the time off, but it was stressful.

The 3 sisters garden is still very weedy. Too much to do at work, weeding takes a very low priority unfortunately!