Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy day, random things

Lovely cosmos.

Alien tomato.

I guessed right!  Or rather, ripe!

Time to bust out the dehydrator again.  And to plug it in on the porch, where the gas clouds from drying cayenne peppers can't hurt us.

We finally got a start on our sauerkraut.  Eight heads of cabbage take up just too much space in the frig.

You'd think eight heads would make a ton of sauerkraut, but I think we'll end up with a gallon and a half, when all is said and done.

We were gifted a bag of beautiful green peppers from my friend Rebecca.   So hubby and I decided it was time to make salsa. 

All the veges (except Rebecca's peppers) came out of our garden.  Onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, cucumbers.

We made two batches, one with jalapeno seeds and one without.  Hubby tried the seedy salsa -- it made him take a step back and blink a few times.  He gave it two thumbs up.  I prefer the milder version, with extra cumin.  I loooove cumin.

And how do you keep three little boys occupied while Mom and Dad are chopping veges?  With cucumber boats, of course!  The perfect size for little Lego guys to sail around in.  Mix in a lot of whirlpools and pirate attacks and shipwrecks, and you've got fun for hours.  Okay, maybe not hours.  But long enough to keep little boys away from the cutting board covered in jalapenos.


Mama Pea said...

Be proud of that salsa that's 90% from your garden. Any food put by like that is worth its weight in gold. (Well, maybe not at the price of gold these days . . . ) You and me together on the cumin! Unfortunately, a lot of people don't feel the same. Silly people. ;o}

Erin said...

Lovely! And that Red Wing crock, too LOL, but of course I would say that :)

LindaSue said...

Hi I love your blog and it looks like those cattle panels are the cat's meow. I looked at some yesterday at Tractor Supply. They are now on my wish list. You mentioned your musk melons. They should turn hard. You can thump them with your middle finger and they should sound sort of hollow. And they will have a smell too when ripe. Put your nose up close and you will tell.

Jo said...

Thanks all! Yes, silly people for not lovin' the cumin. I should have some in potpouri dishes around my house! The red-wing crock came from my mom. There are definitely benefits from having an antique dealer as a mom!