Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missing month, part five

Fall colors have arrived in a blaze of glory.  Lovely yellow cottonwood, orange maple and red sumac.  We've had warm dry weather over the last two weeks, drawing out the color changes and ensuring a beautiful autumn.

The farmers are in the fields, bringing in the soybeans.  From all accounts it will be a good harvest.

The corn harvest has a few more weeks to go.  The dry stalks are standing tall and brittle, losing leaves with every gust of wind.

On a breezy day the corn leaves can travel for miles.  They are carried across fields and roads, swirling in eddies of wind and pelting unsuspecting travelers.  A drive down a gravel road becomes a scene from Hitchcock.  Fitting, given that Halloween is right around the corner.

And that is the last of it, the last of the missing month.  I hope to be more diligent with my updates.  There should be lots to share, with potato digging, chicken butchering, costume creating, craft showing, apple picking and garlic planting coming up.  Not to mention the visiting starlings, migrating geese and the first flakes of falling snow.  So much to look forward to before Thanksgiving.


Erin said...

Beautiful photo, is that the Minnesota River? I sure miss my big, wide spot on the Mississippi!

Mama Pea said...

Beautiful photographs of your part of the state. September really is a month of change. Begins with summer and ends with being real fall.