Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Leave taking

This afternoon I walked out beyond our fields toward the yellow hat slough.  I was lured there by the sounds of geese.  I wanted to sneak a peak over the hill toward the water and see how many were gathered.  But as soon as I topped my head over the ridge the birds saw me and took flight.

The air filled with the sounds of honking geese and flapping wings. 

They flew north and then circled back, separating into smaller groups as they pushed on toward the southern sky.  I watched them disappear over faraway trees.  I hope they make it wherever they're going before it gets too cold.


Mama Pea said...

Even our small flock of Mallards currently resting on our pond makes a huge noise when they take off together. I know one of these days they will be gone winging their way south and the pond and poultry yard will be too, too quiet. (The geese won't mind it a bit!)

Jo said...

Let us know when the ducks leave your pond. Our birds should leave shortly thereafter!