Monday, February 20, 2012

White and black

What is this white stuff falling down from the sky?  Hmm.  Let me check the reference books.  Why, it's snow!  Huh.  Imagine that!  Snow in February.  Well, that just goes to show, anything can happen when you least expect it.

I've got small trays of onions, leeks, celeriac and asparagus seeds warming themselves by the window.  Yesterday I went down to Garden Goddess and played in their winter greenhouse, mixing soil and planting seeds.  When I finally left that tropical oasis I got into my car, put my hands on the steering wheel, and looked at my fingers.  I saw a black line of caked dirt underneath my nails, and grinned like a Cheshire cat.  In February, black dirt under you fingernails is a rare, good thing.  A very good thing.


Mama Pea said...

We got a little snow overnight here, too. Hooray! Tell us more about playing in the greenhouse planting seeds? Did you take on a part-time job? Don't you have ENOUGH to do, busy lady?

Kathy D said...

Such a good role model, you are. I hope to get some seeds in dirt one day very soon. We've had horrible 'luck' with onions. So I bought some seeds from the Podoll's in ND-- they've been selected for our climate for a couple decades.

I took Theresa Podoll's seed saving seminar at the MN Organic Conference earlier this year. I was so inspired by their year in and year out attention to the seed for their farm. I'm hoping that I can build on their selected varieties of watermelon (Dakota Rose), Tomatoes (Amish Paste), and Onions (Dakota Tears). Sorry I won't have any of those to share later this week at the seed swap-- I only bought a few little packets.

Sounds like a really satisfying day at Garden Goddess. Good on ya!!