Friday, June 29, 2012

The best laid plans, part 2

Sunchokes, aka Jerusaleum artichokes.  Last fall I traded some of my purple chokes for a friends' white variety, so this fall I will have a multi-color harvest.  Now I just need to find someone with the tan kind, and I will have the full sunchoke spectrum.

Two full beds of Calabrese broccoli.  I am on the look-out for an open-pollinated variety that forms one large head in early summer, rather than a smaller head with more offshoots.  I want to harvest and freeze most of my broccoli all at once, rather than battling cabbage worms all summer long.  This seed I bought from Seed Savers Exchange.

Two of the plants are heading-out, but the heads are only about six inches wide.  I was hoping for something larger.  We'll see how the other plants do.

Bull Nose Bell peppers in the front, yellow storage onions in the back.

Blue Solaise leeks, Winter Density lettuce, one row of celeriac and a patch of flowering arugula.  I really like the winter density lettuce.  It is the crispest romaine lettuce I have grown.  Of course that's not saying much, since I've only tried about four different varieties of romaine so far.  Not as crisp as grocery store romaine, but infinitely tastier.

My sad, sad garlic patch.  Foolishly I neglected to keep this patch watered during the dry spell we had in early June, and many of the stems turned yellow and dry.  Since then I have been watering them diligently, but I figure about half of the plants have already died.  I must pull one of them up to see how big they are.

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Erin said...

Can't wait to see those sun chokes, I have always wanted to grow those but haven't tried yet.