Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Graham's Olympics

 A few days ago, while watching the Olympics, Graham got an idea.  He went outside, gathered a few bits and pieces from various places, and summoned his brothers and mother outside.  We were going to have our very own Olympics, in our very own backyard.

The first event was the discus throw.  We tried to throw the discus the way the athletes do it, but in the end we determined it involved far too much spinning.  More often than not the frisbee ended up in the wheat field. 

Next we had shot put.   Here you can see Graham trying his best with the proper Olympic form.

We did pretty well, considering that were using a wizened old kohlrabi from the compost pile as the shot.

The hammer throw was done with a trapeze ring from our outdoor playset.  This was undoubtedly the most dangerous event of the afternoon.  Looking back, it probably wasn't a good idea to let my children spin around several times while holding onto a heavy chain, and throw said chain in a direction vaguely and hopefully away from cars, houses and people.

The javelin throw was only slightly less deadly.  We used a garden stake for the javelin.

The triple jump came next.  Here you can see that Owen's toe is clearly over the line (garden hose).  Good thing the judges weren't fussy about fouls.

And the line-up for the 100 meter dash (once around the house).  Benjamin strategically takes the inside lane.  However, his unconventional choice of footwear (flip-flops) will likely end up being a major handicap.

In a photo finish, Owen wins by a length!

And Benjamin, coming up the rear and claiming the bronze!

The line-up for the 200 meter dash (twice around the house).  And .... they're off!  Around the corner of the house they disappear.  Owen takes an early lead, rounding the house and crossing the line for another go-round.  But Graham is close behind, and picking up speed.  The two leaders disappear around the house for the second lap, while Benjamin appears from the other side to complete his first.  Who will win -- Owen, the older brother favorite, or Graham, the middle brother dark horse?

Around the corner, and it's Graham in the lead!  Graham crosses the finish line and wins gold!  Ladies and gentlemen, what an upset!  What has happened to the older brother favorite, Owen?

Oh no, our very own Olympic controversy!  Owen is hollering from the other side of the track (house), claiming that Graham shoved him during the race.  Graham claims he is innocent, and the judges (Mom) didn't see anything.  Graham's win is confirmed.  Owen quits the race in protest, and goes back inside the house.  Benjamin and his flip flops, which have fallen off twice, eventually make their way across the finish line, winning the silver medal!

The closing ceremonies, standing at the top of the backyard playset.  Congratulations to all of our athletes, and we'll see you again in two years for the winter Olympics!


Mama Pea said...

Whew! The excitement while reading through this Olympic post!

I know your boys are used to it, but it's so refreshing to see kids get outside, inhale lots of fresh air and make their own fun and entertainment.

Erin said...

Ha! I would be far more interested in watching track and field events if they were using kohlrabi, props to Graham for all his creativity!

Jo said...

Mama Pea -- It was a good afternoon, even the controversy felt very Olympian. I even participated in most of the events, though you can be sure no pictures of my performance will see the light of day!

Erin -- Yeah, we were lucky it hadn't started to get soft and mushy. Otherwise we might have ended up with a cantaloupe, and that would have been a lot more messy!