Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This morning's sunrise. Actually, the sun is just to the left, already risen above the treeline. "What a pretty sunrise," I said while walking my son out to catch the school bus. "No time for that," he said as he ran ahead down the driveway. Looks like I have to work with him a little more on life's priorities. I love being able to see across the prairie to the far horizon. Sunrise and sunset and everything in between, outstretched and unobstructed.

Whenever you see trees in rural western Minnesota, it means either a windbreak between fields, a farmstead, or a slough. Slough is pronounced 'slew.' I had never heard this word before moving out here. Basically, a slough is a wetland in the middle of someone's farm field.

There used to be a whole lot more wetlands out here a hundred years ago, but most of them have been ditched or drain-tiled away to make more cropland. Actually, compared to the rest of the midwest, we have a high number of wetlands remaining in our county. But that's not saying much for the rest of the midwest.


Jim Wilkins said...

The pinking of the edge of the sky as the night retreats to day is an sight worth catching in an early morning drive.


Jo said...

Hey Pa! Long time no talk! Nice to hear someone is reading my rambling. Now in late April, the sun has already risen by the time my son and I walk outside. Now I have to debate sleep vs. sunrise. I think sleep is going to win out ... Maybe I need some work on my priorities!