Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jammin' Time

So far this summer: 7 half-pints strawberry jam, 14 half-pints strawberry rhubarb jam, 2 gallons frozen strawberries, 2 gallons frozen rhubarb, 7 half-pints mulberry jam, 12 pints frozen cream of broccili soup, 14 pints frozen cream of cauliflower soup, 3 gallon bags frozen broccili, 1 gallon bag frozen snap peapods, 1 bag frozen basil, 1 bag frozen cilantro, 1 bag frozen onions, 1 bag frozen pesto, 7 pints dill pickle slices, and 7 quarts dill pickles whole.

Tonight after work, if I'm not half asleep (I work the late shift), I'll do another 7 quarts of pickle spears. Next week is the garlic harvest, and the week following I may have some ripe tomatoes from the 27 tomato plants in my garden. And this year I cut back - heck, last year I had 28 tomato plants.


Harold Phillips said...

Oh mah gawd... Jo Svendsen! My long lost love!

That's a whole lotta canning! And here I thought my wife Trish's freezer jam and 14 gallons of apple butter/ sauce was impressive... you really go to town, girl!

I sent you an email through the reunion site... but just in case you don't get it, email me:! We have some serious catching up to do!

And hey... what do you think of that new Dr. Who? Huh?

Jo said...

Hey Harold! I sent you an email. Good to hear from you after all these years!