Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vampires beware

My garlic harvest is finished. Roughly 80 bulbs, some minced and frozen, most hanging and curing in the warm garage. After a few weeks they'll go to the basement to hang from the rafters. They'll last the year through - I found one bulb from last year still hanging in a basement corner.

Braiding the hardneck varieties was challenging; the braids don't look as pretty as in my gardening books. But they make up for it in their taste; a richer flavor, lasting longer on the tongue, almost sweet. Days after the harvest I could still smell the yummy garlic on my hands. Now, if only my tomatoes were ripe, I could make some killer pasta sauce, cook up some linguini and treat my family to a bit of homemade heaven.


Unknown said...

Cool! The garlic in the picture looks like some demonic creature.

Jo said...

Hey Emily! Yeah, like I said, the braids aren't pretty. Now when you come over to my house and walk around in the basement, you have to watch your head lest you bonk into a garlic bulb hanging down from the ceiling.