Monday, November 24, 2008

Down by the lake

I took a walk during my lunch break. At this time of year there are few visitors to the park, and besides flushing out a few deer and pheasants, I had the place to myself. Five minutes later I am down by the lakeshore. A thin sheet of ice covers the water.

We had a few inches of snow a couple of days ago, and the warm temps yesterday had melted some of it. It dripped icicles into the water, freezing again overnight.

I saw lots of tracks, deer and mink and rabbit and raccoon. There was a small edge of water lapping on the shore under the ice, enough room to dip a muzzle for a cold drink.

It looked like white frosting spread over a warm cake, melting off the top and over the sides of the rocks.


Karen said...

Wow! Great pictures and I loved the "icing dripping off of the rocks" analogy!!

Jo said...

Thanks! Now I'm hungry for cake ...