Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nothing new

Another week has flown by. This morning I went into the older boys' room to wake them up for school. Graham was already awake, looking out the window. "It's snowing outside!" he said. We had about 1/4" of snow on the ground and heavy fog. Our first notable snowfall of the season.

I don't feel that I got much accomplished this week. It's been a cold, windy, drizzly week and I felt the overwhelming urge to stay inside and huddle under a warm blanket. I think my body wants to hibernate. Wouldn't it be nice to sleep through the winter? To know that the next time you wake up it would be spring time?

I've decided I'm going to order chicks next spring. This three-egg-a-day thing during the fall is right out. My egg customers have been complaining, and I've been missing all those good eggy things like egg salad sandwiches and angel food cake. Now I get the fun of deciding which breeds to order. Maybe I'll try hatching a few eggs myself with my niece's borrowed incubator. Maybe I'll let one of my hens hatch her own clutch, and walk out to the coop one morning to find this:

(photo credit: unknown)

What came first, the kitten or the egg?


Karen said...

That is sooooo cute! Do you think they squished the kittens under the hen or laid the hen on top of the kittens?!!

Jo said...

Beats me. But when you get a broody hen going strong, she'll sit on just about anything.