Thursday, June 11, 2009

Catch Up Part Four

Ok, last post. It's 1:30 am and I'm running on fumes.

Here's a picture of the goats. Nothing new to report with them, same old goats. Eve seems a bit camera shy, however. They are doing a good job keeping down the weeds in their pen, as you can see. All except the Stinging Nettle. Guess I can't blame them for that. Obviously, we never got the kid we planned for this spring. I have to contact the breeder and let him know his buck didn't do his job. Hopefully we'll get another free try this fall.

Number One Son got his green belt for Tae Kwon Do in May. The picture is kinda green, since it was taken indoors in an auditorium. He did really well at his testing, didn't make any mistakes on his routine and only took about six kicks to break his board.

Numbers Two and Three Sons are fine as well, behaving as usual five- and three-year-olds do. Which means they are up to all sorts of mischief. I can't tell if that's a hug in the picture above or a head-lock. Could go either way with them.

And lastly (finally!), our kitten endeavors. The raccoon that was eating our chickens was also feasting on kitten kabobs. The three litters of kitties that we had in our yard, totaling eleven kittens, was trimmed down to just three by the end of May. I made a rash decision and grabbed the final kittens and brought them into the house. They are between five and six weeks old -- old enough to be separated from their moms, but too young to figure out how to run away from humans.

We've decided to keep one of them as an indoor cat. We're keeping the pretty calico in the foreground of the photo above. The other two have already made their way to a very nice humane society in Brookings, SD, thanks to help from my brother and sister-in-law. No more kitty kabobs for the raccoon.

I'd write more about the kitten, about how cute she is and how she scampers about the kitchen floor and how Eddy (our orange cat) hates her and how Oliver (our grey cat) is mildly interested in her, but my eyeballs are about to pop out of their sockets and go find a dark corner somewhere to get some rest. So, that is some of what's been keeping me from posting recently, and I don't know when I'll post next because it's a busy time of year. I didn't even tell you about the quilt show I had at our work -- some other time. Take care.


Karen said...

You kept a kittie?!! Perfect!! Now you can try to reach Bob and Linda's numbers!! Actually, with a third kittie, you've tied us...I'll stop teasing you now! If only you had three birds and umpteen fish!! Did you say that the rooster ate your chickens and kitties or did you mean the racoon? You musta really been tired to type that...really? the rooster did it? In the library with a candlestick? Okay, now I'm starting to sound like you! I'll go join your eyeballs in a dark corner...:P

Jo said...

No, the raccoon did it. I'll change that asap. I was pretty tired...

Thanks for commenting on the blogs -- good to know that someone is reading them!

Karen said...

By the way, you have inspired me in more than one way...we are currently fostering a momma kittie from the SCRAM (stray cat rescue assoc of mn)!! They were desperate for a foster home for this soon-to-be momma and Em talked me into it! SCRAM is one of the agencies that provide PetSmart with their cats/kittens for sale. All of the proceeds go to these agencies and none to PetSmart. So, it's a great cause. When they rescued Callie (she's a calico!) from a barn in an abandoned, foreclosed, farm in Hugo, there were three females, one male and many kitties starving. Callie was too far along to terminate her pregnancy, so she was kept until she gave birth. That's where we came in! Anyway, she is in our spare bedroom in the basement (you may have to take the couch when you come in July!! IF she hasn't left by then!). We'll have momma and babies for 5 to 7 weeks after their birth. She's due any minute!!! The SCRAM gal thought she could deliver two days ago, but no luck. Must be holding her legs together or something...We wanna squeeze her until we see a little kittie paw waving at us!!! Hahahahaha!! Just joshin'! Boy, do almost-birthing momma kitties stink!!

Jo said...

Wow! That's great, Karen! Is she a friendly cat or skittish my my outdoor cats? I would be very pleased to share my bedroom with a bunch of kittens. As long as they don't pounce and attach my feet like our new kitty does.

You're doing a great thing with Callie! And having your girls see the birthing/growing process is also very cool.

Jo said...

that should read 'skittish like my outdoor cats'. Wish I could edit comments.