Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let the harvest begin!

I harvested the first things from my garden today -- a couple pounds of snap peas and pea pods. I was pretty surprised to see them, actually. Pleasantly surprised. We had some of them with dinner tonight in a garlic pasta dish alongside broccoli and zucchini. They were very yummy. The rest of them are laying on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Tomorrow I will transfer them to freezer containers and pack them away.

We also went strawberry picking this morning. I should say rather, we all went to the strawberry patch but hubby was the only one picking. I was busy entertaining our three-year-old. Numbers One and Two sons are spending the week at Grandma's house, so it's just Number Three at home with us. It makes me remember all the free time we had when we just had one kid. All the one-on-one time we had with him. I wish I had that much time with all of them.

It was just nine years ago that we were sans kids. I can't even remember what that was like. What did we do all day?

Tonight I made strawberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam and strawberry syrup. After all of that we still have two gallons of berries left. I'll probably put them in the freezer, and hopefully not forget about them. A week ago I was rooting through the basement freezer and found a bag of berries I had frozen from last summer. Oops.

I spent some time weeding the garden today. It came to an abrupt end when I accidentally sat down (I prefer to sit, rather than stand or kneel while weeding) on a bunch of dead, dried thistle leaves. The sharp prickles went right through my jeans. Ouch. If I had had more guts, I might have dropped my drawers right out in the garden. But the garden faces the road, and we do get the occasional passer-by. I chose the more painful, yet slightly less embarrassing option: walking funny all the way back to the house.

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Karen said...

Yeah, I woulda dropped drawers and ran screaming into the house!! Heck, I do that all the time at my house currently and we live on a very busy street compared to yours! If the neighbors are that desperate for entertainment, let 'em look!!! Anyway, your two eldest are doing just fine! I had them yesterday from ll to 6:30. We biked to the park. Owen ran into the grass alongside the road a few times there, but on the way back he was biking like a pro telling me to hurry up! Graham spent more time walking alongside his bike, rather than riding it. I rode with Owen and Bethany and Graham walked with Phill, and their bikes! Then we came home, had lunch (I learned that Graham is done as soon as Owen is, whether or not he has eaten anything!). Despite the old wive's tale of not swimming after eating, we hopped into the pool! Graham wore a life jacket and scooted around the perimeter of the pool or floated on a blue shark! He could just touch the bottom with his toes if he stretched! Owen and Bethany had a blast playing for an hour. After that, we played games and snacked all day! The boys miss you, but would like to have a pool in their yard!!!