Sunday, July 5, 2009


The chicks have been moved. This is their new home, the minicoop that is placed inside the regular coop. Yeah, the coop's kinda dirty. But not really dirty. That's normal for coops.

That's also normal for us. Cleanliness is next to impossible in our house. Heaven forbid someone should show up at our doorstep unexpectedly and ask to come in. When I see the UPS guy come up the driveway, I usually put on my shoes and meet him on the deck. I've told my family to give us at least two days notice before arrival, so we have a chance to complete a whirlwind of cleaning beforehand. Otherwise they run the risk of stepping on marbles, sitting on matchbox cars and sleeping in a bed covered in legos.


Karen said...

If leggos, cars, and marbles are the only messy thing in your house with three little boys (and one big boy!), you are doing amazingly well!! And don't worry, I'll give you lotsa notice!! Today's my cleaning day, so I'll think of you and your boys as I'm cleaning up kittie puke!! By the way, our ten little kitties are doing wonderfully!! They have all survived so far and are opening their eyes as we speak!! We've just named them! The names we chose are: Sophie (the black and white runt); Buddha (the black huge female); Bella (the grey calico); Jessie (the black calico like her momma); Tommy (the grey and black tabby with white legs); Pepper (the grey and black tabby with white shoulders); Quintin (Em chose that awesome name! He is a solid black and grey tabby); Roy, Chester, and Sally who are all orange tabbies! I thought you would appreciate the descriptions! Emily has pics of them all on her Facebook page!

Jo said...

I'll have to check out the kitty pics! How exciting.

No, there are more things than just legos, cars and marbles. But I thought the image of people stepping on cheerios, sitting on dirty socks and sleeping on matted cat hair would be a little less pleasant.