Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Walk: A Garden Diversion

After visiting our next door neighbor, we headed back home. Half way home Benjamin's abundant energy failed him and our pace slowed to a lazy meander. At the end of the driveway we turned toward the house, and I remembered that I wanted to pick some snap peas for our stir fry dinner. Since I had the camera with me, I felt obligated to take some pictures of the garden. Please excuse the weeds.

The pumpkins are growing magnificently.

Tasty, tasty snap peas. One for the stir fry, one for me. One for the stir fry, one for me.

Green beans to the left, potatoes to the right.

Sweet corn at the back, sprouts in the middle, a pepper and a pumpkin (and a marigold) at the bottom.

Our first green tomato!!!

The currents are starting to turn red. Maybe I'll actually beat the birds and get a worthwhile harvest this year. Tomorrow morning we are going back to the strawberry patch to pick more berries. Perhaps I'll try a strawberry current jam? Hmm... So much jam, so little time.


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Beautiful Garden and walkabout!
The neighboring property looks like a great opportunity too!

Jo said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for your nice words. This spring I looked longingly at pics of your garden in TX, when you were getting ripe tomatoes while we still had snow on the ground.

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

:) now ours is about burned up and yours is beautiful and boutiful!