Friday, November 6, 2009

Lost thyme

Foolish me. I thought that I could bring in a few of my potted outside plants and set them next to a window for the winter. I have two pots of rosemary, one hollyhock awaiting a nice fall day for transplant, and one pot of thyme.

Our cats have decided that the pot of thyme is a most excellent place to curl up and view the outside world. I suppose the flanking rosemary plants make it seem even more inviting. I must admit the cats are very cute while curled up in the pot; however, my thyme is taking a beating. Although, I'm not sure I could keep the cats out even if I tried. They are most insistent. Hmm.

I've got it -- caltrops. I'll have to find some caltrops to put in the pot. Either that, or plant some cacti in with the herbs.


Erin said...

this is hilarious! kitty must think you are the best mom, lol! I bet your kitty smells great, though! My Aussie is fond of eating and rubbing around in my rosemary and sage, but she smells great when she comes back inside!

Karen said...

I LOVE this picture!!! What a cute kittie you have!! At least he didn't use it as a litter box!! Be grateful!

Jo said...

That's true! I am grateful. Don't put ideas into my cat's heads, tho! :)