Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the season

We got a Christmas tree! It is standing in our dining room, naked and unadorned, but it is up. Tomorrow night we will put on lights, garland, star and ornaments, and turn off all the lights in the house to see the tree at its best. Then hubby will brave the frigid temps to hang our Christmas lights outside. Already the chocolate advent calendars are hung on the walls, and boxes of Christmas cards are stacked on the table, waiting to be written and mailed. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Tonight we watched our first television Christmas special: Phineas and Ferb's Christmas. Not one of the classics, but we liked it. Soon we will begin to see the real classic holiday shows, like 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', and 'The Christmas Story.'

But my all-time favorite TV special has gotta be 'A Year Without a Santa Claus,' if only for that song. You know, THAT song. You know the one I'm talking about.

Oh, heck. Let's all sing along!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Happy almost Christmas!!!
I love the old favorites too, and all the songs! That will make it feel like Christmas, especially with a tree in the house!
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Erin said...

Can't wait to see the tree all decked out! I have already DVR'd Rudolph and Rudolph's Shiny New Year last week and have been rationing them out after dinner to get the kids to eat, lol! I love that they watch the same classics we did - can't wait for The Grinch!!

Karen said...

Absolutely that is the BEST Christmas special song!!! I just watched it last night with Bethany and Phill (DVD!)! Love it! I remember being so excited to watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown's Christmas when it came on the TV every year. DVD's weren't invented then, so if we missed it, it would be another year before it came on again! That was an event!!