Saturday, January 16, 2010

The joy of cookbooks

I made noodles the other day. You can see my well used, well abused Joy of Cooking to the left. It's one of my favorites. The pages are stained and sticking together, and the binding is beginning to break. My husband occasionally asks me if I want a new copy. No way! Each batter splatter, each gravy glop is a sign of love. I have other cleaner, shinier cookbooks, but they're not nearly as good. The dirtier, more disheveled a cookbook looks, the better it is.

That's true for a lot of things, actually. And a lot of people. The shiny pretty ones aren't worth a plug nickel most of the time. It's the stained, ripped, broken ones that are worth keeping in the long run.


Erin said...

Funny you should say that, I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook circa 1969, it was my mom's when she first got married and became a wife and mother and I wouldn't part with it for the world! As for the missing pages? (Namely, the pie crust!) They're missing for a reason and I have to call her for the recipes on those LOL

Mama Pea said...

Beautiful analogy . . . loved and well-worn cookbooks and people. You can always tell the good cookbooks by the stained and sticky pages. I have several books that are held together with a big rubber band.

P.S. Erin - MY Betty Crocker cookbook is circa 1963 that I got when I was first married . . . and didn't know how to boil water. (I still get good feelings every time I open it.)

Maple Lawn Farm said...

Beautiful..............Thank you for the lovely thoughts!