Sunday, January 17, 2010

Need seed?

Well, it looks like the vast majority of my tested seeds are going to pass muster. That means that I have no reason to throw them out based on germination results. So I must find other means of reducing my seed stockpile -- my little refrigerator is bursting at the seams. Every time I open the door several packets come tumbling out.

So, inspired by another blogging friend, I am happily offering packets of the following seed varieties to anyone who is interested. These are all open pollinated, organically grown seed, germination tested and kept in cold storage. Most of the parent seeds came from Seedsavers Exchange so you can check out their online catalog for more info. The round french summer squash came from Seeds of Change. And the Taliana tomato came from here.

Waltham Butternut Winter Squash

Table Queen Acorn Winter Squash

Round French Summer Squash

Small Gourd mix

Mandan Bride Flint Corn

Wisconsin 55 Tomato

Red Zebra Tomato

Beam's Yellow Pear Tomato

Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato

Amish Paste Tomato

Taliana Tomato
(click here for more info)

I also have some yellow onion and American purple top rutabaga seeds, the parents of which came from a local nursery.

So, if anyone is interested in free seeds, let me know! Give me your email in your comment, and I'll make contact for an address. Help me out here, please! I need to make room for more seeds!


miSz tUna said...

I would definitely love some, if only they can be planted in pots and can survive in Malaysian climates.
What do you think?
You can drop a word at my e-mail here,
Thank :)

Erin said...

Looks good, Jo! I have more than enough or I would be taking you up on it! Next year I will try to remember to offer seed BEFORE I do my order! I purchased 3 things on your list already, lol! I am interested in how your Red Zebras turned out, as I have those on the way from Fedco. I know what you mean about seed everywhere, I am trying to reorganize mine by packing date now. You have a little fridge dedicated to them? Awesome!

Jessika said...

I would LOVE some of your seed! I really focused on my flowers last year, and didn't save much seed. Shame on me!
Let me know how much for shipping.

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

I would love some Amish Paste and Butternut squash!
Thanks so much!
lizardrn at gmail dot com

chili369 said...

Good morning and thank you for the offer. If you have some extra seeds that would be great. We are going to attempt a garden on some property we aquirred this year in please let me know your cost. Thanks for your kindness... Jed

jenny said...

Oh oh oh! *raising hand and waving wildly*

I would LOVE to have some of those tomato seeds! We are not squash eaters, so none of those interst me, but the tomato ones do. Especially the paste ones and the zebra ones and that wisconsin 55 looks good. We're just a tomato family! Last year the dog (then puppy) wiped out all my tomato starters and I had to scrounge around all the stores for anything left, of which I only found 8 big boy plants. Better than nothing, but hardly enough to can and make sauces with.

Here's my email addy:

Thanks for sharing! :o)

Maple Lawn Farm said...

Jo, I would love to have some of your squash (all varieties except butternut as we already have plenty of those seeds saved), gourd and corn seeds if you have extra.

If you would like, could send you several self addressed stamped envelopes for the seeds.

Thank you so much!!!!


Lynda W said...

Love your blog - been reading it for quite some time now!
I'm definitly interested in the tomato seeds - especially Amish Paste. But I would be happy with whatever seeds you could send me.

Lynda W

Really Rosiem said...

My community garden space allotment has doubled in size for 2010 and I can hardly wait to get started. This means I'll have more room for some of my favorites - namely, squashes. I would love some of those Waltham Butternut Winter Squash seeds (they are absolutely beautiful by the way), and am also interested in the Round French Summer Squash. Email me at and let's work out the details.

Karen Sue said...

If you have any of these left, I'd love to take some off your hands...
yellow onion
butternut winter squash
acorn winter squash
amish paste tomatoes

twiddle at stny dot rr dot com

I'm all for sending you SASE if that would work out for you..
Just let me know.
And if I'm too late, thanks anyway for the offer! Small garden - big dreams!!
Karen Sue

jenny said...

Oh! Good idea! SASE! I'll send you mine, too to help save on stamps for you!

Jo said...

All right! I'm so pleased you all want seed. I will send an email to each of you shortly. No need to bother with SASEs, I am happy to pay a few cents to get these seeds into loving hands that will use them!

Erin - The Red Zebras are very nice. One of my favorites. Juicy, so not great for paste, but they produce a ton of fruit. A good size for broiling, to serve with bacon and eggs for an English breakfast!

Sharon said...

How nice of you to share your seed! I believe one can never have too many tomatoes and have become a new fan of winter & summer squash. I would be glad to send postage. email me at
Thank you!

Thistledog said...

You've probably found homes for all your excess, but if not, I surely could use a few seeds of all of your squash and tomato varieties. I gave away many tomato starts this past year and it was great fun to share like that.

I'm also enjoying your blog, thank you!


Jo said...

Sharon and Thistledog -- I have plenty of seed, so no worries!

Caffeinated Mom said...

Hi Jo! I know I'm late to the party, but if you still have seeds to spare, I would definitely be interested in tomato or squash seeds. It is really so generous of you to make this offer! :-) You can email me at thecaffeinatedmom at gmail dot com.

Belinda said...

Oh, if its not to late, I would love a few of your extras :) I am a beginner gardener.

I would like to try your...
Green tomatoes
Red Zebras
and talias.

My email address is

Let me know about postage
Thanks for sharing

Judy D in WA said...

I just found your blog, if you have any seeds left, I would love to have some. I am having a very nice "visit" with you. Thanks for sharing.