Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Knocking on wood

The garden is doing so well. I have to pinch myself. And, I have to show it off. Just what you wanted, aye? More garden pictures. Well, I could show you pictures of my scruffy goats or my bare-backed chickens, or my messy house or my overgrown yard. But I'd rather give you the impression that we live on a lovely, organized homestead. So garden pics it is.

The tomatoes are planted! All of my basement-started tomatoes succumed yet again to the Verticillium wilt (at least I think that's what it was). So I ditched all of them and bought a bunch from a gardener friend of mine. She kept handing them to me, telling me what they were, but none of the pots had labels. So, I really don't remember what I ended up with. It'll be a surprise! Twenty-five tomato plants should give me plenty for canning this summer.

The potatoes are doing very well. Hubby weeded them and mulched them yesterday. I can't tell you how much I have appreciated his help in the garden this spring. He also dug the holes for the tomatoes above, and mulched those as well. Boy, when my kids are old enough to help out (really help, not just sorta help) in the garden, I'm just gonna sit back in a chair, sip lemonade and watch while everyone else does all the work. Ha!

My brittle wax beans have sprouted. I've got three 20' double rows of these beauties.

My zucchini have survived their transplant, as have the cantaloupe. Six zucchini and four cantaloupe. I've never grown cantaloupe before, and to be honest I don't have the highest hopes for it in my clay soils. Graham chose the seed packet from the store, and he loves melon so much that I thought we'd give it a go. If anyone has any words of wisdom for growing melons, feel free to share. For Graham's sake I hope it does well.

Carrots have been thinned and are about 4" tall now. These are chantenany carrots. I'm going to try to do a second seeding in early July, after my snap peas and lettuces have puttered out. I've never done succession planted before. We'll see if that actually happens.

Beets! Chioggia beets, for pickling. My sister loves pickled beets. I try to remember to give her a jar whenever I visit her home.

Dill and lettuce. Looking so lovely. Another week and we will be eating salads like there is no tomorrow.

Some of our spinach (Bloomsdale) and swiss chard (Rainbow). We had some leaves from these in our salad at supper this evening.

Last but not least, the garlic patch, growing strong. Also growing, but not pictured: onions, sunflowers, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, rutabagas, peppers and a smattering of flowers. And weeds. But the weeds are under control. For now. Knock on wood.

And, in case you were wondering, I decided against using the plastic mulch. I tried to put it down on my zucchini bed, but it was just so unwieldy and it didn't sit well on my bumpy clay ground. Straw is much easier, plus I don't have to pull it all up in the fall.

My husband mentioned the other day about building me a few raised beds for my birthday this year. I restrained myself from doing a happy dance right then and there. Instead, I very calmly replied, 'that would be a wonderful gift.' Don't want to show too much enthusiasm and scare him off the idea, you know.


Thistledog said...

Oh, lovely, your garden is growing so nicely. I never, ever, tire of garden update pics.

But I'm jealous of your taters, I only got mine in a week ago and they're just peeking up. Ordered late. But I have longer to grow them so it will work out.

You are wise in your gamesmanship with the builder of raised beds.

Erin said...

Those would be a wonderful gift, indeed! Your garden is looking great! I sympathize on the tomato thing, I think I am dealing with Fusarium wilt, will have to blog on that today if I get a chance. We are trying melons for the first time too at my youngest's request. So far so good, I put a few Bush Baby Watermelons in a planter box and they are flowering so we'll keep our fingers crossed!

Mr. H. said...

I love seeing your garden pictures and 25 tomatoes is going to keep you very busy this fun. I would love to give you some great melon advice but unfortunately I have never actually been able to grow one myself...summers are just not warm enough. Everything looks great. I've got to try pickled beets this year.

Amy L. said...

I'm jealous! Our weather here has been so unseasonably cold and wet that we are already a week late putting in our garden. The seedlings are in the garden cart, moved every day depending on the intensity of the deluge, just to keep them from drowing. Your salad bed looks especially nice and tidy!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...


Karen said...

I have no idea why, but sometimes my comments are printed and sometimes they aren't! Guess you can filter my nasty comments, huh?! Anyway, you are RIGHT! I LOVE your pickled beets! Your garden is amazing, Fanny! So proud of your efforts!

Maple Lawn Farm said...

truly lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

Jo, your garden is beautiful. Well worth having less that perfect house, yard, goats, and chickens!

Jo said...

Hi Thistledog -- you're jealous of my taters, I'm jealous of your growing season! And your energy. All the things that you manage to accomplish, in addition to working a full time job! It's amazing.

Hey Erin! Good luck with the melons -- if you find something that works really well, please share!

Hello Mr. H -- Well, we're down to 23 tomatoes after two showed signs of wilt. Ugh. Wilt is the bane of my gardening efforts right now. Any thoughts on resistant varieties?

Hi Amy -- Thanks, we had a bunch of rain in April but May was pretty good overall. Good luck with your weather!

Hey Liz -- Thanks!

Hi Karen! Yeah, blogger can be tricky sometimes. You would never write nasty comments about me, now would you?? Next time you visit my house I will load you up with jars of beets, still got lots from last summer. Glad someone likes them besides me!

Hey Tammy -- You're very welcome! Thanks for reading!

Hello Leigh -- Less than perfect is the norm for most things around here. Thanks for understanding!