Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strawberry patchwork

Hubby picked strawberries at a local pick-your-own patch today for two hours.  It was hot and there was no breeze.  This is the last week the patch is open, and the berries had been picked over pretty well.  It was pretty miserable.  He only managed to find about 2 1/2 gallons worth.  Good thing we have about a zillion jars of jam in the basement still, because most of these berries will be going into the freezer for future shortcakes and poundcakes.  Next year, Hubby says, we are going to the patch the first day it opens and we are going at the crack of dawn. 

But the berries are oh so yummy.  It is a great feat of will to walk past the table and not cram a handful into my mouth.


Mama Pea said...

What a good guy your hubby is! I think he should get a gold star (or two) for his efforts.

My dear husband is so long and tall that it just kills him to pick strawberries because they're so low to the ground. (Or at least that's the line I've always fallen for. Hmmm . . . ) But he gladly helps me pick our tons of raspberries, so I guess I have to let him get away with not picking the strawberries!

Erin said...

I do go on the first day they open and still never get enough LOL! I went back 3 times this year and still wish I would have had time for a 4th. We can never get enough of those, can we? It kills my back too, but that's why I employ the labor of "the short people" in the house :)

Jo said...

Mama Pea -- Hubby crawls along the ground while he picks strawberries, he says it's easier on his back. But rougher on the knees!

Hi Erin -- I'll be regretting the lack of strawberries this winter. Usually we get four or five gallons worth. I'll have to try that 'short people' labor idea next year!