Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playtime for Picasso

A few days ago we painted our outdoor playset.  Each of the boys got to pick out a quart of paint at the hardware store.  Owen chose blue, Graham chose cream, and Benjamin chose yellow.  We also had a remnant can of 'barn red' (from when we painted the chicken coop) that hubby and I used up.

What the boys lacked in technical skill they made up for in exuberance.  Benjamin exclaimed, "I'm painting!  I'm an Artist!"

Whenever I point the camera at Benjamin he gives me this stiff smile and says "Cheeeeeeeeeeeese."  He has learned:  a) to say cheese whenever someone takes his picture, and b) that Mom takes several pictures at once so he has to say cheese for at least ten seconds before she lets him off the hook.

Not your customary painting scheme, but it works for us.  Now to put the swings back up, and let it dry before the boys sign their names.

Our deck also needs a paint/stain job.  I'm not sure if I'll let the kids loose on that one, though.  One work of art in the yard is probably enough for potential visitors and their poor, unsuspecting eyeballs.  On the other hand, if it keeps solicitors and hopeful politicians away, have at it boys!


Jim Wilkins said...

I really like the painting of the swing set. Cool!!

Mr. H. said...

I love that you let them paint it, how fun.:)

Mama Pea said...

Great idea! The boys are gonna have the memory of painting the swing set all their lives . . . and you all did it together! The family that paints together . . . :o)

Erin said...

I love it! Great job, kiddos!

meemsnyc said...

Oh wow, that looks so pretty! Kids did a nice job.

I Just Live Here said...

do they hire out lol

Karen said...

How did Benjamin paint the top triangle yellow? That must have been quite a reach for him!

Jo said...

Hey Jim -- Thanks, we should have painted it years ago, but you know how it goes.

Hi Mr. H -- I'm not sure if it was less work or more work to let them paint, but it was a lot more fun!

Hello Mama Pea -- Paints together -- haha!

Howdy Erin -- Thanks! The kids are pretty proud of it too.

Hello Meemsnyc -- Thank you, I did have to do a bit of touch up afterward, but not too much. (Ha!)

Hi ManFord == They are available at a very reasonable cost -- they work for cookies. :)

Hey Karen -- No, Benjamin didn't paint that triangle. Simon and I did all the high stuff with the leftover paint. He's not quite that tall, yet ...