Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oozing through the cracks

This is how I feel most of the time.  Too much 'stuff' jammed into too small a space.  The carrying capacity of my brain has been reached.  Keeping track of the kids' schedule, kids' homework, my job, our finances, my volunteer work, housekeeping, preserving, the garden, the goats, the chickens, etc. etc.  My sister-in-law called me a superwoman the other day.  I certainly don't feel like a superwoman.

I was talking to a friend this morning and he told me one of his heroes was Crazy Horse.  My mind went blank -- who was Crazy Horse?  Yes, I know he was a native American leader, but beyond that, I knew nothing.  Nada, zip, zilch.  I was ashamed.  I work in a state park, and I have no idea who Crazy Horse is.  That's just nuts, that is.

I used to know a lot of stuff.  Maybe at one time I even knew who Crazy Horse was.  But not now.  I have a feeling that cramming my head (and life) full of all the stuff mentioned above has meant that a bunch of other stuff, other knowledge and thoughts and ideas, has oozed out through my ears.  And that's not good.  I don't want stuff oozing out of my ears.  It makes a nasty stain on the pillowcase.

So, what to do?  Keep up the status quo, keep going at full throttle, or try to cut back on some things?

I have a feeling I already know the answer. 

Cartoon credit:  Gary Larson


Erin said...

you just summed up perfectly how I feel! One of my kids asked me how many planets there were and I drew a total blank... this from the girl that took physics every stinkin year of college LOL.... "planets? huh? ummm...." LOL

Mama Pea said...

I think all of our brains are simply maxed out, on overload, near the point of not being able to absorb one single more thing. LIFE is sooo much more complicated that it's ever been before. We're required to keep so much more information at-the-ready that we're short circuiting; the old brainwaves are snap, crackling and sparking, not making good contact some of the time.

So what's the solution to not going bonkers? Maybe we need to learn how to make the conscientious effort to decide what (of all the choices we have and all we desire to do) is truly most important. And realize (sigh) we can not do it all!

Jessika said...

I can totally relate but don't have any answers yet! I do better sometimes than others...

Maple Lawn Farm said...

Maybe I AM normal after all! ;-) At least, if I am not normal, I am in good company! ;-)

Thistledog said...

Ditto. Same here. I thought it was just the five-oh approaching for me, a general fuzziness setting in. I used to be so sharp. *sigh*

Friend of mine swears that doing crossword puzzles regularly helps keep the mind tuned. I tried it for a week but couldn't discipline myself enough to keep it up.

Jo said...

Hello Erin -- Glad to hear I'm not alone! And physics every year of college? What was your major -- self torture? :) And about planets -- the way I remember them now is from that song from Blue's Clues. Having kids certainly changes your brain!

Hi Mama Pea! Life is much more complicated. Easier (in terms of physical labor) than 300 years ago, but a lot more complicated. So what would we rather have -- harder yet simpler, or easier yet more complicated? Hmm....

Hello Jessika -- Yeah, sometimes are better than others. I'm hoping things will slow down here before too long. Winter is a bit of a blessing in that regard.

Hi Tammy! Well, I can't say that you (or I) are normal, but considering all the good folks we get to meet via the blogs, forums, etc., we and our abnormalities are definitely in good company. Just very spread out around the country!

Hello Thistledog -- I too remember being a lot smarter when I was younger, and I'm just approaching the big four-oh. Ha! I used to do logic puzzles when I was in college. Helped for entrance exams and a bit of fun, but I haven't done one for years.

That's what my brain needs -- a good tune up! I think my sparkplugs are shot.

Erin said...

Oceanography! And thankfully I don't have to watch Blue's Clues anymore, I've blocked it completely out - but Sponge Bob now is pretty bad, they aren't supposed to watch it but every now I catch them LOL!