Saturday, April 2, 2011


If you happen to find yourself driving through our sleepy little burg sometime this month, and suddenly realize that you're parched from the long drive (it must have been a long drive because our burg is out in the middle of nowhere), stop on by Java Jules for a well-earned latte.  Not only will your taste buds be treated to a tasty treat, your eyes will get to feast on the wonderful display of beautiful artwork by local artists.

I am not at all biased toward the artwork, of course. Certainly not because my son is one of the artists featured in this month's show.  Last Thursday we were invited to the open house for the new display, and Number Two Son got to stand up with several other kids from his class to receive a rousing round of applause from the gracious crowd.  He was so shy!  But I could tell he was pleased.

 A watercolor artist went into his first grade class a few weeks ago and helped the students create their masterpieces, with a springtime theme.  The local arts council helped frame them and hang them at the coffee shop.  We have a really great local arts council.  I used to be fairly active in the group, but a few years ago shifted my volunteer work toward our burgeoning local foods initiative.  Ah, I wish I had more time to do more fun and worthwhile things!

Here he is with his finished art.  I hope we get to keep the frames, but even if we don't I'll still be hanging the picture up in our house.  This would look lovely in our hallway, a colorful reminder of spring all year-round.

Thanks Java Jules and Big Stone Arts Council!


Mama Pea said...

Please tell your son I think his painting is great. I'd hang it on my wall! You're fortunate to have people working with the kids in this artistic way. With all the budget cuts schools are having to make, you know "art" and/or special art teachers aren't going to be present the way they should be.

Erin said...

Tell him it looks great! Art is so important for kids to express themselves, and what a confidence booster to have it shown this way, bravo!

Jo said...

Thanks you guys! Yep, art is vital to kids, young and old. These types of events are just the thing to get kids excited about it. It sure got me excited!