Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The big melt

High temps in the 40s over the last few days have brought a dramatic change to our landscape.  The thick layer of snow blanketing our ground has turned into a mushy soup of water and mud.  Other than a bit more laundry and boot-drying to do, I am a big fan of the mushy soup.  Spring is on the way.

The migrating birds are back in force.  I've seen bald eagles, great blue herons, swans, geese, robins, and blackbirds.  I love the call of the red-winged blackbird, I think it is my favorite bird song.  Our own non-migrating chickens, who hate walking on snow, have finally summoned the bravado to venture outside.  They had a lovely day today scratching in the dirt, gobbling up the errant worm.  I even caught two of them on our deck when I came home from work.

Along with our ham supper, I baked these lovelies. Carrot muffins with dried cherries.  Very yummy.

Tomorrow our high is forecast for 52.  I am looking forward to seeing more dirt.


Erin said...

As long as the melt doesn't bring floods, it's fantastic news, congrats!

Mama Pea said...

Your chickens must be happy little birds. A few of ours have ventured out but they seem very confused and have been trying to roost in the trees at night. What's with that?

Your muffins looked WONDERFUL!