Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stove pipe dreams

This morning as I left for work I noticed a few small white bits floating down from the sky.  It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at--the first snow of the season.  Our lovely autumn has lasted so long it seemed it would go on forever.  Glancing back through my blog, I see that the first snow of last winter occurred on November 16 as well.  Well, there's a coincidence for ya.

Those few flakes were all we got today, but we're supposed to get more this weekend.  Four to eight inches, with gusty winds that will drift the dry snow up and over everything in its path.  Good thing the hubby tuned up the snowblower this weekend.

I really wish we had a fireplace.  I think I could deal with winter better if we had a fireplace.  Or a wood burning stove.  At one time I looked into what it would take to install a wood stove in our house.  Our electric furnace uses the only chimney we have, and home insurance companies really don't like it when a wood stove and a electric/gas furnace share the same chimney.  So, a new stove would need a new chimney.

The only room we have for a wood stove is in our dining room.  That means building a chimney up and over the roof of our third story attic. Thirty-five feet of stove pipe at $50 a foot is a no-go.  The cost of installation would be more than the stove itself.

Or, I could move to a dream world and replace our current bargain rate kitchen stove with a beautiful dual fuel Aga range.  Over the kitchen, which is a single story, the stove pipe would only need to be about fifteen feet long.  The installation costs wouldn't exceed the cost of the stove in this instance.  This is mainly because a new Aga costs over $5000.

My husband is not at all disappointed about the lack of wood burning potential for our house.  He knows who would be doing most of the wood chopping.

But I can still dream.  Winter is a good time for dreaming.


Mama Pea said...

I suppose there aren't too many of us homesteading type women who haven't had fantasies of owning an AGA. If they just wouldn't make the advertising pictures look so darn gorgeous . . . !

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

You have kicked off a whole new field of desire with those stoves. Going to have to save my pennies I guess.

Anonymous said...

We have the same issue.. few places to put a wood stove and only one chim. Have you done the math on how much a wood stove would save you in electricty costs?

That AGA stove is a beautiful thing.


Karen said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous stove/oven, Jo. I'm looking for them right now and yours wins, hands down! I even love the color! $5000 is a little too steep for me to though...

Stevie said...

Oh, a woodstove is soooo wonderful and wortt the effort. Remind your husband if he chops the wood, you'll be the one up in the morning to fire it up so he can come down to a deliciously warm kitchen for breakfast. That's our deal!

chimney pipe said...

It is really an absolutely gorgeous stove, best wishes to you and your husband.