Sunday, July 29, 2012

An evening in Morris, part one

Thursday night we loaded kids into the car and drove to Morris, MN where the University of MN campus was holding a horticulture event in their demonstration gardens.  This was primarily a 'me' excursion, but for the most part the kids were good and abiding, bribed with cheeseburgers at the 4H booth and the promise of Kiwanis cotton candy on the way out.

The gardens did have some kid-themed displays, fortunately.  

At first I thought this teepee was covered in pole beans, but closer inspection showed a variety of random vines.  I told the hubby that he needs to build one of these for me in the garden.  His response, 'why?'  I looked at him crossly.  There does not need to be a 'why' to my requests.  Ha!

A tunnel like this would be fun, too.

The boys really liked the checker board painted on a large hunk of tree stump, with game pieces of painted rock.

This is part of their main vegetable garden.  Not a weed to be seen.  Either they are liberal in their herbicide use, or they use college students as slave labor.  I wish I had some college students as slave labor in my garden.  Maybe if I called them 'interns' and fed them occasionally I could get away with it.


Ladytats said...

I've been there lots of pretty flowers.
is the teepee covered in Hop vines? it was when I went through it 3 yrs ago.

Jo said...

I'm not sure, since I don't know what Hop vines look like! There were at least two different kinds of vine, and I think one of them was Virginia creeper. I'll have to take a closer look next time I go.