Sunday, July 29, 2012

An evening in Morris, part two

Someday I will have an oregano patch this big.

The University had an entire field devoted to strawberries.  Lots of different varieties, plus experiments with low tunnels.  There were some ripe berries under there!

I took some pictures of my favorite plant discoveries, including this Love in a Mist.

I've never thought much about ornamental peppers before, but these caught my eye.

Thunbergia Susie, or Black-Eyed Susan vine.  Not winter hardy for MN, but easy to collect seed and start anew each year.

I liked the salmon color on this verbena.  Does anyone know if verbenas self-seed well?  And what is the 'SY' on the tag?  Does that mean it's a hybrid?

And my favorite find, this multi-color sunrise Verbena.  Sooo pretty!

The gardens at UMN Morris are very lovely.  I'll have to go back again someday, when I have more time (and less monkeys) to appreciate the scenery.


Mama Pea said...

Wow, so beautiful. And what a great way to get new ideas (too many?) for things to do in our gardens! Thanks for taking us along!

Erin said...

Lovely photos! The oregano made me laugh, my oregano patch is massive and spreads every year, along with about 20 sq ft of parsley that self spreads every year, must be the climate here because I'd call them weeds if they didn't attract so many beneficials!

Jo said...

Mama Pea - You're welcome!

Erin - I am covetous of your oregano and parsley! Right now I've got a pot of oregano and a pot of parsley on the deck. The parsley is several years old and I bring it inside every winter. The oregano was a freebee my son brought home from school one day. Maybe I'll try planting them in the ground this fall, to see if they can withstand a MN winter.