Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to do

with all those summer veges coming in?  Not enough tomatoes for canning, not enough peppers for salsa?  Kids threatening to boycott supper if you serve zucchini for the tenth night in a row?

Roast them!  (The vegetables, not the kids.)  Take your summer veges and prep them according to your taste.  I usually peel the eggplant, but not the summer squash.  A bunch of small tomatoes and one large green pepper are added to the mix.  I added another zucchini after this photo was taken.

Chop them into whatever size you want.  I prefer larger chunks, so I can taste the vegetables when I add them to sauces and casseroles.  Also, the kids will whine less if they can pick out the veges they don't like.  If you let them pick out one kind of vege from the mix, they will think they're getting away with something.

Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Place on a tray large enough to fit, or two trays if you've got lots.

Roast them at about 400 degrees, until they are softened and a teeny tiny bit charred.  It's really up to your own personal taste.  Scoop them into bags or containers and then freeze.  We like to add the veges to pasta sauce; it makes a plain spaghetti dinner a little less mundane. 

I wonder what this would taste like pureed in a blender.  Hmmm.  Might have to try that next time.


Anonymous said...

Roasting veggies really is a great way to use up extra produce. Every Sunday during the fall and winter, I roast up the odd remainders in the veggie drawer, and have a healthy pile of veggies for my work week lunches.

Jo said...

Good idea!