Saturday, October 10, 2009

A peeling

One bushel down, one to go. We did more canned and dried apples this evening, twelve quarts of canned and four quarts of dried. I'll try to do applesauce on Monday. If the weather warms a bit we can go out and pick more apples for cider. Doesn't homemade apple cider sound appealing right about now?

But the next ten days will be extraordinarily busy with meetings and seminars for work, plus my sister's wedding. I really hope the temps warm up a bit for the latter half of October, for we've tons of autumn tasks yet to finish. Cleaning out the chicken coop and goat barn in sub-zero weather is no fun.


Mama Pea said...

Nuthin' like making them earn their keep! (He even looks like he's having fun.)

Wish we had ready access to bunches of good apples up here. It's mostly only crab apples that survive well in our climate. And this year our season was so poor hardly anyone got ripened ones off their trees . . . us included.

Enjoy your cider!

Harold Phillips said...

How funny! We have the same apple peeler, and put it to good use every other year (this year the tree didn't bear fruit, which was just as well... our plum trees kept us busy).

Jo said...

Hi Mama Pea -- Sorry you don't have good apples up there. I'll trade you some applesauce for some maple syrup, okay? :)

Hey Harold! Yes, that peeler is a very handy tool, can't imagine doing apples without it.

Some apple trees bear really well every other year, like yours. The ones we use seem to bear moderately every year. Don't know what variety they are, though. Just glad to have 'em.