Sunday, June 13, 2010


The chicks (the remaining 31) have been moved out to the chicken coop. So far, so good. The older chickens seem curious as to what these little peeping things are doing in their home. You can see two of the three silkie chicks I have, the fluffy white things with the black beaks. Silkies have black beaks, feet and skin. If you've ever seen 'black chicken' featured on a Top Chef or Iron Chef episode, this is what they are. I got them for their reknown broody tendencies. Hopefully at least one of them is a female. The chick on the far right is a blue laced red wyandotte, a very pretty breed. They are all growing so fast.

The garden is growing with gusto too. As are the weeds. This week is going to be a wash (literally) for weeding, as I am out of town for several days and the days that I am here it is raining. Everything looks wonderful, though. Most everything. I think (hope?) most of my tomatoes will survive the wilt disaster. I had to yank out four plants because they were showing signs: wrinkly yellow leaves, brown spots along leaf edges. I'm not sure how they got the wilt, unless it is in my soil, which is a possibility. But these tomatoes are growing on new soil, never been gardened on. Beats me.

Something is eating my brassicas too. Not cabbage worms, but something else. I can't see what it is, but a couple of my plants have lost most of their leaves. Can't see any bugs anywhere. It's a mystery.

My wax beans have a few dead brown spots on some of the leaves. I've looked at disease websites and I can't match it up anywhere. I'll keep an eye on them, hopefully it is just a random thing and doesn't become more serious. Beans are a staple in our household.

I have been harvesting lettuce already, three heads so far. My spinach has started to bolt, so I must pick it all and freeze it soon. I also have a ton of snap peas hanging on the vine, so I must pick and freeze those as well. The beets are about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. And I have seen some flower buds forming on the potatoes.


Erin said...

Your garden looks fantastic, very lush! It seems many of us are dealing with wilt this year on tomatoes, I wonder what's up? I am envisioning an evil faction tampering with our seed supplier warehouses in order to force us to buy from the grocery stores... maybe I have a vivid imagination, LOL! Hope they pull through, can't wait to start seeing the harvests.

Thistledog said...

Gusto is right! My lord your garden looks amazing.

My (your) tomatoes are having a bit of a tough time too. I'll have to look up wilt - one of the Amish Paste already gave up the ghost, perhaps that was it. I'm not a long-time tomato grower so bear with me. However, the new seedlings for my second bed (the canning garden) look much healthier. Perhaps timing?

Something is eating my squash leaves, too, and I haven't seen anything though I look very closely. Birds, perhaps, or those 3-inch grasshoppers we get around here. But the baby butternuts are lookin' cute and we'll soon be eating French Zuchinni, bugs or no bugs.

(Btw, I could SWEAR I checked for new posts this weekend... I run through my blogroll on a daily basis for inspiration, and yours is at the top (helps to have a title that begins with a "one")...)

Funny: the "word verification" this time for your blog comments is "caretick." You gotta laugh at that.

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh, your garden is sooo far ahead of mine up here in NE Minnesota! Our biggest problem has been lack of sunshine for a long time. Plenty of moisture, just no (none, zilch, zip, nada) sun. (We're never happy, are we?)

Keep up with the garden. Great fun to see.

Jo said...

Hi Erin -- Thank you! It is indeed lush, and a good part of that lushness is weeds. Ha! And no, you don't have a vivid imagination. I imagine that the soil-in-a-bag companies, also own the fungicide companies, and put these things in their soil so we are forced to buy their other products. Ha! But really it is my own fault, probably. I just hope it isn't in my garden soil.

Hello Thistledog! Oh, I sooo hope that the seeds I sent you weren't infected. I would feel so horrible. Please let me know how they progress! Glad the zucchini are doing well, anyway.

Hi Mama Pea -- Yes, we have had tons of rain down here too, but I think our temps have been a bit higher than yours. Although I actually went out to the garden yesterday to water things for the first time this season. My garden may be lush, but yours is much prettier!