Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Belated Boo

Fireman, Jedi knight, wizard.  The fireman and Jedi costumes are reused from years past, and the wizard's costume is home-made.  I stuck true to my guns this year and didn't buy any store-bought costumes.  Nevermind that the fabric I bought for the wizard's robe cost more than any costume I've ever bought.  It's the thought that counts.

That robe was a bear to make.  Did I mention I haven't sewn any clothing since a poorly-made sweatshirt in junior high home-ec class?  The McCalls pattern claimed it could be made in two hours.  I took six.  Much of the time was spent trying to read directions in foreign sewing lingo, ripping out my mistakes, and fighting with that silver cuff/hem edging that was as stiff as cardboard.  At one point my (very old) sewing machine started bunching up tons of thread on the underside of the fabric.  A few panicked moments of rethreading, cleaning, sweating and praying and it began working again.  Disaster averted.

I finally finished at 2 am Friday morning, the day of the school Halloween party.  It turned out well, all things considered, and Owen was very happy with it.  I've gotten a taste of sewing success now, and I'm looking at other projects with tentative interest. Hesitant, almost fearful interest.  This sewing thing can't really be all that difficult, can it? 


Harold Phillips said...

Oh my god... I can't believe you mentioned the sweatshirts we made in home economics! I've done very little clothing construction since then myself :)

Karen said...

I am so very proud of you, sis! You forget, however, about the Christmas runner you made for Mom one year!! The one I covet!!! Congrats on finishing a big project!!!

Jo said...

Howdy Harold -- Yes!! You remember the sweatshirts too! How about the stuffed pillow thing we made? Mine was in the shape of a lightbulb. I think I still have it stored at my parent's house. Hahaha!

Hey Karen -- Thanks big sis! Maybe if you're a good girl, Santa will bring you a runner of your own! Then again, maybe Santa has other sewing plans this year ... :)