Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stayin Alive

No time to write much, no pictures either.  Just stopping in to say in a stream-of-conscious-way that 'we are alive' and well and funky dory.  Most of November has been wasted in illness, one sick person after another.  Being sick stinks the big stinky stink.  Went away for Turkey Day and had good many times with family and friends.  Made lots of pies, including a banana cream that was a big hit with the boys.  Busy busy weeks ahead, whose idea was it to make everyone's Christmas present this year?  Argh.  Muzzleloader hunt at the park this weekend, first ever, should be interesting.  Boys' swimming lessons start tomorrow in Milbank, thought it would be better to have them in the winter when my work/garden schedule was less crazy.  Wrong.  Taking roos to the abattoir next week, chickened (ha) out on the home butcher, too lazy and crazy and cold this month.  Bad me.  Thinking about raising a few turkeys next year, advice welcome.  Like the look of the royal palms.  Blowing howling wind outside, a bit of snow and a lot of coooold.  Wool blankets make all the difference.

For your funky dory enjoyment.  Enjoy.


Mama Pea said...

Sounds like we all have to wait until January for the long, slow winter to start?

Sorry to hear about the germies invading your household for the month of November. Better then than December? Heck, better NOT AT ALL!

You're an ambitious lady to think about making Christmas gifts. (It always sounds so good in the planning stage, doesn't it?) Good to have an update from you.

Erin said...

I can relate, Jo! We have all been passing a bug around here the month of November and the only (hopefully) silver lining will be that we will be immune to most of the stuff going around in December so we can be healthy for vacation. I'm scared though... since we drive I'm a total nut case at rest stops... "don't touch that!" "no drinking fountains!" "I"LL open the doors, don't TOUCH!" LOL

I too decided to make everyone's gifts this year and I'm drowning in balls of yarn. I enjoy it, but clearly need to start MUCH earlier next year :)

Sharon said...

Love the BeeGees & their song! So true of all of us .... no matter what the time of year - it's all about "Stayin' Alive".

Karen said...

Thanks for the speedy update!!! We had a great Thanksgiving too! Wish you had brought the banana cream to our house though!! Can't wait until Christmas! I finished shopping today! Whoooppeeee!!

Emily said...

Turkeys sound awesome to raise, do it! You should try your hand at pheasants and peacocks too :D