Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hunting outdoors

A quick peek at a few things that are trying to make a go of it, in our cold drizzly gray weather.

 Garlic is up!  100% germination.  Hooray!

Plus a few garlic clumps that I missed from last year's harvest.

Self-seeded lettuce from last year's plants.

And regrowth from some Brussel Sprout stumps. Our long, deep snow cover apparently gave the roots enough protection to ride out the winter.  I was tempted to let these grow out and see if I could harvest some seed, but from what I understand about brassicas you need lots of flowering plants to get a good quality seed harvest.  Plus these are probably hybrids, and wouldn't breed true.  At least I know it could be done if I wanted to try.



And an old bed frame!

No, this didn't grow here. We put it out in the front yard late last fall, when we had our attic insulated. At the time I was thinking I could do something really creative with it in the yard or garden. I've seen lots of pictures of 'flower beds' using old bed frames. But looking at the thing now, I am at a loss. Perhaps someone with a lot more imagination than I will come up with something brilliant. If so, please share!


Joseph and Emma said...

What about using the bed frame and bed springs for a trellis for climbing roses or peas or vines? Stand them up on their end and make the structure part of your garden design. You could even set them up as a wind break for your more tender plants and plant just a climbing flowering vine on it for beauty and functionality.

Great idea!

City Roots, Country Life

Mama Pea said...

I see trellises, too, when looking at the bed frame. The head and foot ends could have tomatoes planted in front of them. Then just tie the tomatoes up for support to the vertical metal spokes as they grow. I'd put the mattress frames standing up long ways on the ground (rebar for support on each end?) and use them as trellises for peas. Or cucumbers.

Erin said...

Congrats on all that stuff coming up!

Karen said...

Okay, my ideas aren't nearly as practicle, but I see a "flower bed"!! Stick the footboard and headboard in the ground and plant flowers between. You can have climbing flowers (clematis, sp?) on the headboard or honeysuckle, both gorgeous perennials. Then something quick and easy between! Lots of options!

Karen said...

Wow, I just reread my last comment...great spelling!

Debbie Jackson Wagers Billips said...

I've seen old headboards used as decorative gates. I've use one to block the dogs out of the basement stairwell so the cats can eat in peace.