Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest blogger

 here is my brother benjamin.  he is playing whack a mole.

here is the screen.

 here is my brother owen's room.

 here is my side of mine and benjamins room.

here is benjamin's side.

 here is the bathroom.

here is the kitchen.  we just had dinner.

 here is the den.

 here is my mom.

here is our cat oliver.

here is owen.

here is me my name is graham and i made this blog. the picture right by me is my picture. i made it.  i am an artist.  i had my picture hanged at java jules in ortonville.

here is my dad.  the hand that is in the picture is my brother owen's hand.  the cat by my dad died.  his name is eddy.


Jo said...

Graham saw me blogging and decided he wanted to do one too. So he went around the house with his camera taking pictures, and then had us download them onto the computer, and then download them onto the blog. The ones of Graham and Owen are from last year, since Graham didn't take a picture of himself and Owen wouldn't let him take one of him. I'm lucky I'm wearing pants in my photo, usually by the end of the day I'm too hot and sticky to keep them on!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Graham - I enjoyed your blog post and seeing pictures of your house and your family. I'm sorry Eddy the cat died.

Erin said...

Hi Graham! Thanks for giving us a great tour and your room looks pretty clean for a couple of boys, maybe you could teach my boys how to keep their room cleaner! Sorry to hear about Eddy the cat, you know you have an awesome mom, right? Just checking! :)

Jo said...

Hi Mama Pea - Thanks for reading my blog. Mom will do another blog tonight about me making my own Olympic games. I might help her.

Hi Erin - Thank you for saying that my room is so clean and thanks for reading my blog. I don't think your boys will clean their rooms though, because they will probably have other stuff that they will want to do. I don't like to clean my room either.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Graham! It was way more interesting than all the boring gardening stuff your mom writes about. Just kidding Josie! Love you Graham! Miss you so much! Bug your mom to come visit more.

Aunt Kathy